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Sensor Tower: Fire Emblem Heroes Has “Grossed An Estimated $465,000,000 To Date Across The App Store & Google Play Worldwide”

Sensor Tower has released some new Fire Emblem Heroes data for the month of November 2018. According to Sensor Tower, Fire Emblem Heroes has averaged $21 million per month in player spending since launching in early February 2017. Last month, the title brought in an estimated $13.8 million worldwide, or about 66 percent of its monthly average and a decrease of approximately 19 percent year-over-year”. There was a drop in player spending, but Sensor Tower credits Nintendo’s focus on Dragalia Lost as the reason for this decline. Dragalia Lost has out-grossed Fire Emblem Heroes for the last couple of months.

That is not all the data that Sensor Tower had to share. They also revealed that “Fire Emblem Heroes revenue for November remained concentrated in Japan, which accounted for nearly 60 percent of spending for the month. Players in the U.S. contributed 28 percent of the total. It was the No. 62 ranked mobile game by revenue globally, coming in at No. 29 in Japan and No. 66 in the U.S. It has grossed an estimated $465 million to date across the App Store and Google Play worldwide”.


9 thoughts on “Sensor Tower: Fire Emblem Heroes Has “Grossed An Estimated $465,000,000 To Date Across The App Store & Google Play Worldwide””

  1. i dont chek the news…
    since launch 2017 every month 21 Mill$… then last month an awesome 13.8 Mill $ Worldwide?
    thats less then 21 Mill.
    so when i catch it right… this mobile games brought 465 Million to Nintendo… thats more than allmost every other game.
    so pokemon blue, yellow, red sold 60 Million times and it costs abaout 60$
    that makes 360 Million. So minus production… cartridge…Manual… Box.

    am i counting correct?
    so thats a huge of amount for nintendo… more than everything before.

    1. No. 60 million by $60 is actually $3.6 billion. It should be noted that the 60 million includes sales of the remakes FireRed and LeafGreen, but even taking those out Red/Blue/Yellow did gross about $2.5 billion when you consider inflation. Fire Emblem Heroes may not be there, but it’s a decent percentage of what has to be one of the most successful games of all time – actually scrap that, it’s 3 separate games. Mobile games are absurdly lucrative.

      1. after a few hours i saw my mistake with counting.
        thx for your inf about mobile games. im a little afraid… when they make easy money with mobile games… why they do others. yeas its not always the money, but the money makes the world go round.

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