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Video: Nintendo Minute Plays Some Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bingo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released today. Coincidentally, today is also the day for a brand new episode of Nintendo Minute. The video is now live, and as Kit and Krysta say in the video description, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally here! We hope you’re all playing and enjoying the game. It’s almost become our tradition to play bingo to celebrate big launches so that’s what we’re doing today with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since this is a competitive game, we’re playing some competitive bingo while we compete in Smash”. Here’s the video:


    1. I haven’t gotten to yet either, but I really like the idea of it. I really love that they themed the classic mode to each character, and spirit mode seems a lot like that… with matches tweaked and themed to represent the spirit character. Seems cool to me.

      1. I do like the change to Classic Mode. Of course, I wish it wasn’t called Classic Mode but was it’s own separate mode with Classic Mode still being the classical fight with Master Hand, or Crazy Hand, at the end for the final opponent. As for the Classic Mode we did get in the game, they could have called it Adventure Mode. As for World of Light, it could have been called Story Mode.

  1. OMG the main theme is killing me!!!!!!! They play it at EVERY POSSIBLE TIME THEY CAN and it’s ringing in my ears! THAT’S why it’s a 9.

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