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The Sonic Movie Now Has An Official Twitter

Usually, when there is Sonic news, you will hear it from the official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter. However, it seems that the movie will be an exception. An official Twitter for the movie has appeared. So far, most of the account’s activity has been retweeting memes related to Sonic’s live-action redesign. As of this article’s writing, the account has made only one tweet of their own. You can see it down below.


8 thoughts on “The Sonic Movie Now Has An Official Twitter”

  1. In other words, the company doesn’t have enough faith in their own creativity so they’re regurgitating the creativity of internet memesters.

    I’ve already decided it won’t be worth watching now.

    1. It’ll still be worth watching… At home on streaming services like Netflix, on cable/satellite TV, or on live TV streaming services like YouTube TV where you aren’t directly paying to watch the movie just so you can see just how terrible the movie is. In fact, let’s get the RiffTrax guys to riff the hell out of this movie at some point since they are perfect for ridiculing a terrible film.

  2. Is there any proof this is official? Because that image looks pretty fake, once again. Like someone googled an image of muscular legs and painted them blue. And the proportions are *really* weird. Just above the sign are his ears, so that’s where his head *ends*. That doesn’t look right at all.

    1. Obviously it’s not the official legs. This is just to make fun of the people who thought the legs on the real poster were too muscular.

  3. This is Paramount who is owned by CBS. CBS has been notorious lately with shitting on the fanbase they should be trying to please. Don’t like Star Trek Discovery because of the forced PC bullshit? Tough shit! You’re just a misogynist and a racist, so your opinion doesn’t matter! Give it time. Paramount will be giving people that don’t like the Sonic design the middle finger soon enough. In fact, it seems they have already begun to do so.

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