Nintendo Switch

Video: Japanese New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Overview Trailer

New Super Mario Bros. U came out on the Wii U in 2012, but there may be many Switch owners that have never played it. In fact, these same Switch owners may be experiencing a new game altogether when New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe releases on the Switch next month. Because of this, Nintendo has released a new overview trailer for the game to their Japanese YouTube channel. You can see it for yourself down below.



  1. wait….. can somebody translate what 3:36 mark was? Cause i don’t remember seeing this in Wii U version. Call me crazy, but this kind of looks like a debug mode. I’ll be surprised if that was the case.


    1. “But, but! The new features!” Fuck the new features! It’s only a very small number of changes so still not worth full price on a new system.


      1. It isn’t the new features, it’s a brand strategy. They want to maintain the perceived value of Nintendo products as being higher than the competition. It’s why Bambi on Blu Ray still costs the price of a new movie 75 years later. On the bright side, the value of your collection stays high along with it.


      2. Should have spent it on a game that wasn’t a copypasta job then and that most people weren’t already sick of playing by the time it hit the Wii U which wasn’t very long after the 3DS version. Least Bambi is still worth the full price of a Bluray of a new movie (and maybe even worth more than that.)


  2. If this was around 10 bucks, I might bite. But at full price? Ha ha ha! Not happening, bitches! I don’t give a shit what Nintendo values the game at! It’s not what I value it at. Now maybe if this wasn’t part of a long line of essentially copypasta jobs, then I might be willing to pay a little bit more than 10 or 15 bucks.


    1. $50 is a bit much, but 10-15? Now you’re just meming. There’s a truckload of high quality content in here, and the cart itself costs them a fair penny to produce and ship. $30 at launch, $20 in a year would be more than fair.


      1. For a copypasta job, nope. 10 bucks is about right. I’d sooner pay 20-30 bucks for Super Mario World with added online play, HD quality, and a 3rd & 4th playable character than this cheap ass game. The “New” Super Mario Bros series is essentially the sports games of Super Mario games.


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