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FDG Entertainment Announces Monster Boy And Cursed Kingdom Demo For Nintendo Switch

The team over at FDG Entertainment has announced a special demo for Nintendo Switch owners who have yet to buy Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. You will soon be able to play the first chapter of the game for free to give you an opportunity to experience the acclaimed game which is available right now on the eShop. You will be able to to carry over demo save data to the full game.


  1. U needent bother with the demo.
    Just purchase this game, it’s a fantastic platformer.

    1. I think one of the main characteristics with whether I buy a platformer is the feel and controls rather than the visuals. In that regard I love a demo as I can determine whether it is worth picking the main game up. But thats just me.

  2. This platformer almost completely disappeared from my mind.

    Thanks God this news saved it.

    I’ve always adored Sega’s Wonder Boy games, particularly Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

    It’s nice to see the latest one on the Switch and a special demo to give those who haven’t tried it yet a taste of Monster Boy.

  3. It looks fantastic but the price is just a little too high at the moment. Will wait for a sale

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