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GameStop & Amazon’s Pages For The Physical Version Of Wolfenstein: Youngblood Say That There Will Be No Cartridge Included

Unfortunately, if you plan to get the physical version of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, there is a catch. According to the game’s pages on Amazon and GameStop, there will be no cartridge in the box. Instead, those who purchase this version of the game will only get a digital code. The latter also says that an internet connection will be required. Wolfenstein: Youngblood launches on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

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    1. why waste plastic on a games that isnt on a cartridge? that is like selling a gallon of water with the cap being sealed but there is no water in the gallon.

  1. it’s basically a first edition bonus item for a digital download. once these puppies are gone i doubt there will be more.

  2. Now instead of cardboard they will sell us plastic – Nah but srsly, I’m glad I decided to go digital only so I don’t have to see shit like this for the games I want to buy anymore.

    1. Why is it shit? Seems like a win win for digital people. You get the digital copy plus a physical box for your collection.

      1. If people buy digital it’s because they don’t want the boxes lying around.
        Also if people wanna buy it digital, there’s the eShop that sells every game for mostly less money than in a shop.

  3. Sorry this is not a physical version then. Was going to get this but not sure I want it enough to use 40gb of space for it. What a disappointment. Nintendo fans getting shafted again.

  4. Unless this game gets high revving reveiws like botw and rdr2 which i doubt it will, I’m gona leave it.
    If it was a physical release half decent game I would of bought it for my collection though. Shame!

  5. They can shove this up their butt! It’s not physical if there’s no freakin’ game cartridge inside. Why do companies do retarded things like this? And it always seems to be the Switch version that gets the punishment. I don’t care anything about this game, but reading the title of the post made me really annoyed.

  6. At least Capcom includes one game in the cartridge, its still retarded for them to put the one with less space on it and the biggest digital.

  7. Idiots say “PHYSICAL GAMES R BAD FOR ENVIRONMENT”. No, dumb shit that serves no purpose like this does.

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