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GameStop: Trade-In Super Mario Maker 2 Within 48 Hours And Get 100% Paid Back Store Credit

GameStop has revealed an interesting initiative for those of you looking to buy the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch system. If you are not happy with the game once you have purchased it you can return it within 48 hours and get what you paid back in GameStop store credit. This allows you to try out the long-awaited title and see if the game is for you. However, I question how many will return it. Still it is a good incentive though your actual cash back would be preferable for many.


5 thoughts on “GameStop: Trade-In Super Mario Maker 2 Within 48 Hours And Get 100% Paid Back Store Credit”

  1. What’s odd is that if you buy any game, and still have proof of purchase and within the given grace period, you should be able to return it regardless.
    “Oh you bought this game yesterday and hate it. Too bad”
    In this case for SMM2, they’re not even giving you your money back, they’re allowing you to have credit for something else which is bullshit
    This is a reason to avoid gamestop

    1. Not quite correct. If you buy any game and, IT REMAINS UNOPENED, then returning it within whatever designated amount of time is fine. If the game is open, few to no retailers will allow you to return it. The exception is actual defects. You will however, likely be referred to the manufacturer for replacement. This is all fairly standard. Note that I’m only talking about new games here. Not used. There is a multitude of different policies w/various companies in regard to returns on used games.
      This situation, w/GameStop is unique. They are saying, buy it new and feel free to open it up. Play again or whatever. If you don’t like it, return within 48 hours and we will give a full refund in store credit. Not a bad deal. I still hate GameStop, but not too bad of an offer.

  2. If you order online in Norway, it’s stated by law you can return anything within 14 days or more if you don’t like the product. Of course if you use a digital DLC code which was included in the case, you can’t return the game, but normally and as long as you don’t break anything you can return it.

    1. I’m going to wager that it has more to do with the perception that Gamestop does not offer enough value in trade credit. It isn’t hard to offer a 100% credit offer that almost no one will redeem, and even if they do, Nintendo software prices are very steady for a long time so there isn’t much of a risk of loss.

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