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Luigi’s Mansion 3 coming to Nintendo Switch 31st October

Nintendo Europe has confirmed on Twitter this afternoon that the long-awaited Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 31st October. The date had been long-rumoured and it is also fitting as that is the very date for Halloween.

16 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 3 coming to Nintendo Switch 31st October”

  1. That is actually sick. Last year I went as Gooigi while playing LM3DS (even though it came out earlier that month) and it was a blast.

  2. Cool. If I was a kid I’d definitely consider dressing up as Luigi with his flash light for Halloween.

  3. Only bad thing is that deliveries by mail in Norway are almost always too late. Usually when a game is launched on Fridays, I (and many of my friends) get the game in the mailbox on Monday or Tuesday. Would been better if it got released a bit earlier than Halloween itself, but cool none the less.

  4. Is it just me, or does Luigi sound… different? Sounds like someone trying to do a generic “Mario character” voice, but doing it poorly. Anyone know if it’s still Charles Martinet?

      1. It’s character acting development, as we know Luigi has seen some shit, therefore he has become hard over the years, giving his voice that more gruff quality that we are hearing now.

  5. Cool! But it should have released a week BEFORE Halloween. So that people could have time playing it while awaiting the actual day of Halloween itself. A lot of people won’t have time to play it ON Halloween. At least, those who actually go out and do stuff on Halloween (unlike me,who hasn’t done anything special on Halloween in over 20 years).

  6. I agree it should have released a week before Halloween. If you wanted it to be a Halloween game, releasing it on the day of Halloween is actually pretty lame. The 12 days before Halloween are some of the best times for celebrating the holiday considering some channels show a lot of horror movies during a “13 or 31 (13 backwards, duh! lol) Days of Halloween” gimmick.

      1. You’re absolutely right, thanks for the heads up. That’s actually kind of a relief since fall game releases can be a huge headache with the amount of releases…

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