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NPD: Piscatella says Fire Emblem Three Houses “certain” to be best-selling game in franchise history if digital sales were included


The NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella has been talking Fire Emblem: Three Houses sales on Twitter. At the moment it is Fire Emblem Awakening that’s thought to be the best-selling game in the series, but if we include Fire Emblem: Three Houses physical plus the digital sales (which Nintendo doesn’t disclose to the NPD Group) then the game is likely to be by far the best-selling game in the Fire Emblem franchise in the United States.


    1. It has RPG elements, but it got a more tactical, strategy element to it. But if you are already familiar with stats and what not, no DOUBT you’ll love Fire Emblem, it entertains exactly that sort of nature.

    1. I think it’s easily the Nintendo Switch’s best game this year. Everything about it from the characters, the new and old gameplay mechanics, the music, the voice acting, the writing, the worldbuilding, the way everything is interconnected, the 4 different paths that will keep you occupied for 300 hours, the varied difficulty options, awesome new game+ and all the features they’re adding in future…

      And all the strong themes throughout the story too. Despite being a game about war, it’s very anti-war. You’ll experience characters coming out of their shell after a life of suffering from racism, child abuse, loss, high expectations, genocide, torture and experimentation. And by teaching them, the occasional gift giving, spending time with them and letting others talk with them, you’ll help them move past their traumas and become a person who they’re proud to be.

      It’s arguably the best entry in a long-running series (this is the 16th entry) with seriously high standards most of the time. It’s an absolute masterpiece and hard not to love. It’s not perfect, but nothing that exists is.

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