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Pokemon rumour: Lots of Sinnoh merchandise coming next year prompting speculation of Sinnoh remakes


Paul, who runs the Pokemon website PokeShopper, has discovered that there’s a wealth of new Sinnoh region merchandise scheduled to arrive next year. The first batch of merchandise will be released this December and new items will continue to be produced throughout next year. This has led to speculation that the next Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch will be Sinnoh remakes Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum. The next Pokemon games are Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield which are due to be released on 15th November worldwide.

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19 thoughts on “Pokemon rumour: Lots of Sinnoh merchandise coming next year prompting speculation of Sinnoh remakes”

  1. As much as I love the series I wish mainline Pokémon would take a year or two off. Having a new set of games every year is making each one less exciting to me and think it’s hurting the creativity a bit.

    1. Sun and moon released in 2016 Ultra Sun Ultra moon released 2017. Lets go Pikachu and Eevee released 2018 It has been 3 years since a Mainline release.

  2. If this was announced before Sword and Shield, I would have been more hyped. I’ve given up hope for Mega Raichu, or any new mega for that matter.

    1. But hey, I’m sure you can look forward to Special Form Explosions, a new mechanic in Generation 9 to replace dynamaxing which lets one pokemon per battle activate its hydroplosion matrix, to megaply its stratastatus and use quadra moves that activate the gimmick factory.

      1. Wow! Incredible job Gamefreak! I can’t wait to see how they utilize this mechanic in further generations! It’s not like they’ll just drop it like they did mega evos, Z-moves, and eventually, dynamaxing.

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  4. If they’re really just now considering Gen 4 Remakes I honestly believe it’s too little too late. All these new Gen releases getting blander and easier one after another has pretty much made the mainline games unexciting to me completely. But I’m sure they’ll ruin Gen 4 like they did Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire anyway. They again won’t know what “remake” means and will just add all the new Pokemon and everything else new to it, and make the battle frontier inaccessible again lol. Lol while they’re at it they’ll probably make Cynthia easier to beat. It’s seems lowering the difficulty is the only thing they know how to do anymore these days…

  5. As I said last time this speculation arose, if we do get Sinnoh remakes, I hope they give us a Nightmare Episode at the end of the game (similar to the Delta Episode in the Gen 3 remakes) that let’s us go after Cresselia & Darkrai in a fun little post-game short story. I already got these two now, sure, but I want to catch them both using a Dusk Ball since they both represent night. My current ones are just one in a Dusk Ball & the other in a Cherish Ball.

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