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The Joy-Con drift lawsuit adds Switch Lite with some players alleging drifting after 20 hours


Documents have emerged today that show that the recently released Nintendo Switch Lite has now been added to the Joy-Con drift lawsuit in North America. Nintendo has already said that they will fix regular Nintendo Switch systems with Joy-Con drifting issues for free, regardless of warranty status in North America. However, it should be noted that the same thing hasn’t happened here in Europe. The lawsuit seeks class action status and includes allegations from people on various sites and social media platforms that they have  noticed Joy-Con drifting after 20 hours of play on the Lite. As we have previously reported the Nintendo Switch Lite uses the same Joy-Cons that can be found in the regular Switch which surprised some people. You can read the document below.



    1. There is no proof that the issue has not been fixed with the new Switch Lite! Just because let’s say 5 out of a thousand people have this problem with the Switch Lite doesn’t mean this number is out of the ordinary.

      1. The proof it hasn’t been fixed is that it’s happened to people. This is literally the first batch of Switch Lite, all of them can have this issue. It likely won’t happen to most people within 20 hours.

      2. You are fucking stupid! Every possible issue happens with any system! Whether or not the issue has been fixed is a matter of the percentage of units that have it, AND NOT THE FACT THAT YOU FIND A FEW PEOPLE THAT ACCOUNT FOR 0.001% OF THE USER BASE!!!

    2. It’s way too early to judge. After all the joycon problem only got noticed after about 2 years into the Switch’s life time. Everyone who thinks he already sees the same problem with the Switch Lite is just paranoid.

      1. “It’s way too early to judge. After all the joycon problem only got noticed after about 2 years into the Switch’s life time.”

        There were reports of Switch problems within days of launch. I’m not saying definitively how far this problem can or will go, I’ve never encountered a drift joycon in real life at all. This is just an inaccurate statement.

        ” Everyone who thinks he already sees the same problem with the Switch Lite is just paranoid.”
        You say this based on what exactly? Didn’t you JUST say it was too early to judge? So why are you judging?

        “And also the design of the sticks was not the problem. It was the carbon compound.”

        That is part of the design…..

  1. I dont get it. When the regular Switch had this problem why didint already correct this when the Lite was still in R&D? Didnt they test the switch Lite months before it went on sale?

  2. Nintendo needs someone better in their R&D and decision making on future consoles.
    Example, when the Wii U was in R&D why would they think the Projecrt Cafe specs all it needed was around the specs of the PS3 and 360 at the time? And look what the dumb decision of the Wii U specs did to its sells.

    Why would they had not thought about Pikmin 4 and Metroid Prime coming to the NX of the time the Switch was in R&D?

    When NX was in R&D why did they already start a brand new Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong?

    I think Nintendo needs to fire someone running their R&D? The Joycon is 2 years old, why havent they been corrected this? Then bring out a Lite and it is doing the same thing.

    What exactly does Nintendo employees do after they make a game? Do nothing? 3rd party games like Trine franchise already on Trine 4. Where as Pikmin is older than Trine and Nintendo has way more money than Trine. So why is it a poorer developer can make games immediately but billionaire Nintendo cant? That’s the million dollar question.

    I’m going to really enjoy Luigi’s Mansion 3 but how much you wanna Luigi’s Mansion 4 isnt no where in R&D started on? Nintendo needs to step their game up and make games and consoles immediately. Switch should had had MK9. Why didnt they start on Splatoon 3?

  3. Also Nintendo needs to work on the next pokemon immediately. Dont wait 7 years after the realsense of the Pokmon tittle that we already know is going to be a hit. They also need to already been going in with rare and Microsoft to see if Banjo-kazooie can come to the E Eshope giving Microsft 60% of the revenue. Why hasn’t Rare and Nintendo thought about doing this. I thought a owning a business was seeking ways to earn profit and revenue. So why are Rare and Microsoft and Nintendo, Knowingly that is going to create profit that bringing Banjo-kazooie to Switch and not? Dumb. I’m starting think video game developers are stupid when it comes to money making.

    Ubisoft is another stupid developer. If Mario Rabbids was top 5 best selling Switch Games , why didnt they start a sequel to maintain revenue and profit? If Rayman Legends was the best selling on Wii U why didnt they start on Rayman Legends 2 immediately?

    Why do video game developers after releasing a game not work on a sequel immediately?

  4. Since I’ve hardly touched my Joy-Cons since buying the (original) Switch, I’m not even sure if mine has this drifting problem or not. However, when I was playing Yoshi’s Crafted World with one of those $25.00 wired Switch controllers like Wal-Mart sells (the Yoshi controller), Yoshi kept ducking down over and over. It was unplayable. So I had to go back to the Pro Controller.

  5. I seriously hope this is not the case.
    It would be such a flaw if Nintendo have gone ahead with the lite release knowing this is a possible situation.
    With Pokemon due soon and Christmas on the horizon, having this under their belt could have pretty serious consequences.
    Touch wood, my switch lite ( which I bought for an additional switch for mainly indie downloads ) is living up to scratch, but then I’ve spent minimal time with it so far and seeing as its all one unit I can only imagine it would be more of an inconvenience than a normal switch joy con. Time will tell I suppose.

  6. There was a time when Nintendo consoles were rocky. I have three Joy-Con ‘damaged’, that was a so bad investment. I never had any problems whith joypads in the past (32 years gaming). I’m shocked. Bad Nintendo’s quality.

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