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Game Freak excited about how Pokemon Sword & Shield owners respond to Wild Area camera


The Wild Area in Pokemon Sword & Shield is a new addition to the long-standing series during which players can explore and take on high level Pokemon. One of the changes featured within this new gameplay segment is the free camera movement. Pokemon Sword & Shield game director Shigeru Ohmori says that the team is excited to see how the players respond to the camera system they’ve incorporated into the game.

“We always want to come up with new surprises for our players with each new Pokémon game. This is our first time introducing free camera movement in the series, so we’re excited to see how our players will respond to it once they get their hands on the games. We’ll think about what we want to do in the future based on those reactions.”


Thanks to zombiegoblin7 for the news tip!


  1. I’m honestly starting to think what Ohmori considers “exciting” and what fans consider “exciting” are 2 entirely different things.
    It’s just a camera dude.

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    1. “What? You mean removing Pokémon and moves, adding a broken exp share to where you can’t lose a single battle, and the largest curry dex is not exciting to you?!?! Pfft” – Ohmori

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      1. “Street date broken.”

        Except that you don’t have to have broken a street date in order to have gotten your copy early. I live near the Nintendo of America headquarters, and employees are free to acquire the game a couple days early. Nearly everyone knows somebody who works there, so its entirely commonplace for people to be playing major releases slightly early without anyone having broken a street date.

        Even then, a street date is a rule for retailers, not consumers. So you’ve shown exactly nothing about the people you’re desperate to insult, but you have made something of an ass of yourself.

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      2. Yeah, but guess what. Stuff that has not been revealed by Nintendo and GameFreak yet, some youtubers and twitter users got in trouble by Nintendo again for revealing the game story mode and gameplay before its release and some of them got there accounts banned and there videos got hit with multiple copyright strikes.


      3. “Yeah, but guess what. Stuff that has not been revealed by Nintendo and GameFreak yet, some youtubers and twitter users got in trouble by Nintendo again for revealing the game story mode and gameplay before its release and some of them got there accounts banned and there videos got hit with multiple copyright strikes.”

        Literally none of this has anything to do with what we’re discussing. You called people who had played the game early greedy idiots. I asked how they were greedy idiots. You explained why, and your answer had *nothing* to do with youtube.

        Even then, Nintendo’s abuse of the copyright system on Youtube does not make these people greedy or idiots. As an FYI, there is absolutely zero copyright law enforcing street dates in any way. The *only* ones obligated to follow them are retailers and sometimes reviewers and that is because they have a specific and ongoing agreement with Nintendo.

        So we’re left with, once again, you’re insulting people just because you don’t share their opinion on a video game. A video game you yourself point out that you haven’t played.


  2. Oh wow you can move the camera? Oh so revolutionary, so creative! That’s what the right stick was for? Oh man…
    Honestly now I get why they made all those excuses, they’re just 5 year olds trying to lie when you clearly see they can’t and they get excited by anything

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  3. As someone who’s played it, it’s hardly that amazing. Calling it “free” is a bit of an overstatement. You can rotate it to the sides freely sure, but you can only slightly shift your view up or down. You can zoom it out a bit by clicking the right stick, but that’s about it. Would have been nicer to have the ability to zoom in like a telescope or something to find Raid battles or something but whatever, they’ll probably figure it out in 10 years.

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      1. Imagine the franchise every child ever wanted on console for 20 years, but it turns out to be the shortest, easiest, disappointing mainline game of the franchise- with so many cut features.. so many.. and this game required the least amount of effort to make with so many bugs, recycling, and low quality compared to all triple A switch games. But that doesn’t matter since kids will just buy anything from Gamefreak and will be oblivious to this, while the older fans who have been playing the game will just be upset about the game.

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      2. I’m just going to play the game and form my own opinion about it. I’m not the biggest Pokemon fan so there’s a good chance I’ll end up liking it. I highly doubt it could be any more easy/disappointing than Pokemon X and Y. With its meh story, piss easy Pokemon league, forgettable champion, and non-existent post game.


      3. Specifically, I’m saying that the series is a shell of what it used to be, that slaps the faces of people who’ve been playing since Red/Blue versions on Gameboy pockets…

        I’m not actually saying the games are going to destroy childhoods, that’s ridiculous. But it’s far from what the Golden days of Pokémon were in my childhood.

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      4. Oh ok, that makes more sense. Sorry, for some reason I didn’t understand what you were trying to convey with your original comment.

        Although, some Pokemon fans are acting like this game will destroy their childhood just because their favorite Pokemon isn’t returning. I’m a little sad that Hypno isn’t returning for gen 8, but it’s not like the world will end if he’s not in every mainline Pokemon game Game Freak releases.


    1. Well then you might be interested to know that squirtle and it’s evos are in fact in the game, the data mine discovered 35 addition pokemon in the games code all modeled, textured, animated and they even all got new moves added to their sets. They work too, hackers have already been able to add them into the spawners. Which means, that squirtle should be transferable or at the very least will be added in an event or distributed though mystery gift at some point.


    1. X/Y had multiple camera angles depending on how you entered an area. The camera was ALWAYS behind you, though. The only time it wasn’t was in the area with the Eiffel Tower but the camera shot up to a pretty high overhead view.


  4. Oh a camera that I can control! What a revolutionary tool in a video game! *claps* GameFreak keeps proving me right that they stuck with handhelds for Pokemon games for far too long. They really should have made a few of the 3D Pokemon games that were made in the past instead of handing them off to a 3rd party as it would have been great practice for the day they made a home console Pokemon game. Thank you, GameFreak. You did not make me look like a liar when I called you guys cheap & lazy in some areas. The sad thing is I don’t like being able to say “I told you so!” I like it when I get proven wrong by a company that makes something I love.

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