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Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Pokemon tournament kicks off on 15th November


The official Nintendo UK VS Twitter account has detailed a new Pokemon Sword & Shield themed tournament for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The event will take place on Friday, 15th November for three days. The special event will set its focus upon fighters and stages which are from the Pokemon franchise. Depending on how well you do, you will be able to get a number of spirits. Pokemon Sword & Shield launches on 15th November exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

10 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Pokemon tournament kicks off on 15th November”

      1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

        What the heck are you on about? Have you even seen the leaked Pokédex? There’s only around 320 Pokémon that made it from older gens. The only Pokémon currently available from smash are Pichu, Pikachu, Charizard and Lucario. The ones in the file that could either be removed content/promotional events are Ivysaur, Squirtle, Mewtwo, and Incineroar. Not Jigglypuff or Grenunna. These Pokémon are currently unavailable atm, and could possibly be unavailable forever. There’s nothing I’m saying that isn’t proper. I am saying everything as it is proven, and I wasn’t even talking trash at the beginning. I was just saying how funny and ironic it is that jigglypuff didn’t make it in even though his final smash makes him like dynamaxed sized. There’s nothing “trash” in that.

    1. Oh wow, ok I was certain that Puff was in the game as well, so that’s a mistake on my part however in the current pokedex are 400 pokémons including variants and dynamax pokémon we can expect to see 440 mons, including all the “added” pokémon it will result in 475 pokémon total and I didn’t think you’d take it to heart as much as you did, it was supposed to be some friendly banter since everyone (including me) shittalks this game, however I WILL give it a chance (someday) and play it to make my own judgement on it.
      Guess we misunderstood each other lol – Have a nice day.

      1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

        Nah, I meant 320 returning (galarian forms included). The full dex is 400, around 80 new Pokémon not including gigantamaxed forms since that’s only limited time and does not take a Pokédex entry like megas. But I get you

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