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Nintendo Power Podcast: Fan-favourite games of 2019 winners revealed

The official Nintendo Power podcast has revealed the fan favourite games of 2019 on the Nintendo Switch platform. We’ve had some great games this year, especially on the Switch. However, it was Fire Emblem: Three Houses which came away with the players choice game of the year. Here’s the full list winners:

  • Coolest Co-op: Luigis Mansion 3
  • Most Viscous Versus: Tetris 99
  • Brightest Bright Idea: Untitled Goose Game
  • Most Unexpected: Fighter Pass Character Reveals
  • Fav Fighter Pass Character: Joker
  • Toughest Challenge: Cuphead
  • Most Glorious Graphics: Luigis Mansion 3
  • Sweetest Soundtrack: Cadence of Hyrule
  • Sensational Story: Fire Emblem 3 Houses
  • Indie Excellence: Untitled Goose Game
  • Biggest Brain Bender: Links Awakening
  • Platformer Perfection: Super Mario Maker 2
  • Epic RPG: Fire Emblem 3 Houses
  • Players GOTY: Fire Emblem 3 Houses


2 thoughts on “Nintendo Power Podcast: Fan-favourite games of 2019 winners revealed”

  1. The names of these awards made me want to throw up a little. Each one itself was fine but the theme of alliteration and their terrible tryhard titles made me tired

  2. It felt transparently prearranged–for so many categories, the hosts managed to pick a different game as their personal vote. It was pretty obviously set up to be “lets talk about all the games”.

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