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New Grand Hero Travant: King of Thracia joins Fire Emblem Heroes

A new Grand Hero, Travant: King of Thracia, has been added to Special Maps in Fire Emblem Heroes. Originally from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, the King of Thracia can now serve as your ally in the mobile game. Meanwhile, 5★ Heroes who appeared before the start of Book II are appearing as focus Heroes in this week’s summoning focus revival.



      1. If you’re a fan of Gothw and 776 you might want to keep your eyes open for Brigandine which arrived to the Switch on March (?) alongside with Langrisser 1+2 Remaster
        And yes, I’m also hoping for an Echoes remake of those two since SoV was absolutely amazing.
        Note that I haven’t played any of the japanese-exclusive games so I didn’t touch Gaiden when SoV came out and the twist with Rudolph was a welcome one.

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