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Nintendo has confirmed that even more Super Mario Maker 2 updates are coming in the future

Nintendo‘s Japanese website has a new feature that provides fans with a summary of the Super Mario Maker 2 update that released last month. Nintendo talks about the Ninji Speedrun mode, as well as the Link power-up. The most interesting part of the article is at the end. Nintendo closes out their piece with confirmation that there will, indeed, be more updates for Super Mario Maker 2 that will be coming in the future. There was no release date given.

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10 thoughts on “Nintendo has confirmed that even more Super Mario Maker 2 updates are coming in the future”

  1. Cool, and Thanks!
    But can we have some more mk8 tracks too, this game is still topping the charts and a sequel is way off because the success its still achieving, but Nintendo fans like myself have purchased this game twice so we want more…. please!!

    1. I’m sure the mk devs are working on something big there last project was arms which came out like 3 years ago, they also did a little bit of work on pocket camp too, but they been quite quiet for some reason maybe will see either a brand new mk or more new dlc, I feel that dlc is more viable since they have been trying to push that approach more now than the wii u/ 3ds days

  2. Cool. I’m looking forward for the next future update for the game. I hope they add something that is related to the Super Mario Galaxy series since they added 3D World mode.

    1. My wish list would be:
      Mario Land 2 theme (with bunny ears)
      A Samus power-up
      A Kirby power-up
      A Wario and Waluigi skin for multiplayer.

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  4. The reason why no release date was given because they announced the update before they started on it. Just like they mentioned Metroid 4 and Pikmin 4 knowing they have not worked on them games either.

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