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Devil May Cry 3 gets Free Style mode on Nintendo Switch

Capcom had something special to show off today regarding Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition for the Nintendo Switch. As had previously been rumoured, the action game will now be getting Free Style mode. You can check the new mode out in the tweet down below. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition is now available to pre-purchase via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

7 thoughts on “Devil May Cry 3 gets Free Style mode on Nintendo Switch”

    1. They should release the trilogy physically and then I’d be sold with trying out this series. I’ve not played a dmc game yet, but I would love to to play them in order, but not pay for separate digital versions.

      1. So, the trilogy in a nutshell. First game was a pioneer in the then still new 3D combat adventure genre which eventually spawned God of War and Bayonetta and the like. It doesn’t have a lot of frills, but it executes on its premise fairly well. The personality of the main protagonist was extremely popular, a smarmy wise ass who mocks the game’s bosses even as they’re about to wreck his face.

        The second game was very unpopular, not because the gameplay itself was a step back, it wasn’t, but because a lot of the game’s personality had been stripped away. Dante was mostly silent throughout the game, and virtually none of the characters from the first game are mentioned again.

        The third game is heralded as the classic because it both evolved the gameplay and brought Dante back to being a loud smart ass. Now, instead of simply purchasing upgrades with currency at a statue, you have a form of experience point that goes into the “style” you currently have selected, which upgrades over time unlocking new abilities. The video above is showcasing you being able to hot swap between the styles, presumably with the d-pad, something you could not do mid-level in the original.

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