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Platinum Games wishes to self-publish the Bayonetta games

Platinum Games has repeatedly mentioned that they wish to own their IPs and it seems that the Bayonetta games are the next on their list. The company’s head Atsushi Inaba says that Platinum Games has a desired interest in self publishing the Bayonetta video game series. With their recent investment from Chinese behemoth Tencent it will be interesting to see what happens in the future with the series.

But noted that it is purely a desire, and not a statement on whether or not the company could actually do it. He added that Nintendo and Sega currently both own half of the intellectual property rights for the series, and that if Platinum Games were to self-publish Bayonetta through crowdfunding, it would require a high amount of money compared to the company’s recently-launched Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101: Remastered game.

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17 thoughts on “Platinum Games wishes to self-publish the Bayonetta games”

  1. I don’t know if Nintendo will allow that unlike The Wonderful 101 but then again Nintendo may be open about it, Sega on the other hand is a different story but then again Sega may also be open about it.

    1. So you think that Nintendo may be open to it but sega (who you think Is a different story) on the other hand may also be open to it? What ?

  2. This would have to wait until the next console generation at this rate. The PS5 and next XBox are coming relatively soon and the games are already available on Switch, so why release them onto the same console twice?

  3. Bayo is a lot more doubtable than W101. I think wonderful 101 is fantastic but that game was a commercial failure that Nintendo took the entire blow on. Bayonetta on the other hand was an actual success

  4. Then they should have tried to do it in the first place. If Nintendo wouldn’t provide the money they would probably never made Bayonetta 1 considering the 1. one wasn’t really huge. They saw the series could be more successful and they want to capitalize on it. I wish instead of focusing on past projects they could focus on Bayonetta 3 and making new IPs.

    1. Nintendo didn’t have anything to do with bayo 1 what are you talking about? And that franchise is there child . Of course they’d want to jump at any and all opportunities to have full control over it. Literally anyone would want the same thing in there position.

  5. Feels a disrespectful imo. Sega and Nintendo put up the money to have these games made and they wouldn’t have happened otherwise so to turn around now that they have had big Chinese investment and say they want to take them back seems a bit of a poor show to me. Especially as Nintendo has helped to grow Bayonetta’s popularity with funding two sequels and including the character in Smash.

    1. These are companies not people theres no disrespect. They want to be more independent. They dont morally owe Nintendo anything. And tbh the only reason u care is because you want the game to stay exclusive to Nintendo out of fanboyism.

  6. Any opportunity to see a game reach a wider audience is a good thing but I don’t see this ever happening. Bayonetta isn’t Zelda huge but I reckon it’s too big a name nowadays for Nintendo/Sega to loosen their grip on.
    I suppose there’ll always be the comfort that Platinum seems to be able to go to Nintendo to fund their experimental projects (or at least the ones that have the name Kamiya on it).
    But I don’t know the full details on that.

  7. “Nintendo and Sega currently both own half of the intellectual property rights for the series”

    I see haters and doubters from one video gaming forum (no name of the site mention here) are still port begging Bayonetta 2 and 3 on their favorite system of choice. That’s up to Nintendo and SEGA. The final answer they will hear is still NO CHANCE! You want Bayonetta 1, it’s on your system. You want Bayonetta 2 and 3, buy yourself a Nintendo Switch.

    1. I could see Nintendo allowing Platinum to release Bayo 2 on XB1/ Series X. Microsoft-owned titles have made their way to the Switch before because it made financial sense. Super Lucky’s Tale, Minecraft, and Cuphead all made their way to the Switch. Bayo on Xbox makes sense since the game is targetted to a more adult audience, which is Xbox’s main userbase. 5 years ago, I would have agreed with you, no chance. But we’re in a new era of video games and the console wars are dying out. Bayo 2 isn’t all that farfetched of an idea. There’s money to be made by Nintendo, Sega, Platinum, and Microsoft here. It only makes sense.

      1. Uh what. Just because Microsoft decided to make a dumb move like that doesn’t mean Nintendo will. Nintendo are very protective of their IPs, and Bahonetta might as well be one in this case.

  8. While I don’t know about Sega, I think Nintendo would be open to letting the rights they have to it go back to Platinum. Like Platinum, Nintendo cares a great deal about their franchises as if they are their own children. Plus, it would help strengthen their already good relationship with Platinum. This would ensure that Platinum would do right by Nintendo & not screw them over on any future Bayonetta games.

    I don’t know how it works with video games, but in the American movie industry, a writer/creator of a franchise can get the rights to their creation back from a big company/publisher after a certain time frame. Friday the 13th’s original writer, Victor Miller, (for instance) won a court case to get domestic rights to that franchise back under him. Of course, Sean S Cunningham’s company appealed the decision so we’ll see if Victor stays the winner over the rights to that franchise.

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