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Gamevice files another patent infringement claim against Nintendo


Gamevice recently lost a patent infringement case earlier last month whereby the manufacturer of smartphone controllers and accessories took Nintendo to court over the design of the iconic Joy-con. Seemingly not satisified with the outcome, Gamevice has not only appealed the case but also filed yet another patent infringement claim stating that they want US imports of the Switch console banned. According to Gamevice, they were issued with a patent back in August that Nintendo has infringed upon.

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20 thoughts on “Gamevice files another patent infringement claim against Nintendo”

  1. Nintendo should file a law suit for copying their controller design (even down to the classic lettering of A, B, X, Y and color choices of red, green, blue and yellow). This company has nothing to speak in their favor!

  2. They realize they have a -100% chance of winning against Nintendo. A spiritual person once said “I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn’t even matter”.

  3. This is the problem with big business. I hope that they start to act like their job descriptions. They know that they’re going to lose too.

  4. Did Gamevice dismissed the lawsuit against Nintendo’s tablet for Nintendo Switch system? I really don’t know why are they doing this lawsuit again about the Nintendo Switch system being banned because of Nintendo violations over the design of the Joy-Cons.

    1. i think they announced it in 2014
      the thing is though, they are not even similar in function besides being 2 controllers that attach on the side of things.

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