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Xbox boss Phil Spencer says he has a great relationship with Nintendo


Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently appeared on IGN’s Unlocked podcast to talk about the company’s future plans with their powerful next generation platform, Xbox Series X. Talk eventually came round to the company’s relationship with Nintendo and how flexible the Xbox team is about bringing some of its franchises to the Nintendo Switch.

“The relationship with Nintendo is great. Doug Bowser and I, we talk often. Furukawa-san, the CEO of Nintendo and I, know each other well and we have conversations.

I will say the individual IP by IP to different platforms, I can see it can get kind of confusing to customers over time. We’ve been learning. Some of these have been some of our development partners that have wanted to go do this, and we want to support the desires of our creative talent, so some of this has been partner led. But I think more and more about what a full Xbox experience means on different platforms.

Right now it seems like when any game comes out, it’s ‘Is this one going here? Is this one going there?’ And I’d rather be able to set more of an Xbox-level expectation for our fans on where things are gonna go. I thought we did that with our first party when we talked about games shipping on Xbox and PC, and I got certain blow-back from certain people in certain groups on that, but at least we set an expectation on that, and I’d rather see us get to that point on the different pieces of hardware that we’re on. So I guess I’ll kind of leave it there.

I definitely have a ton of respect for the role Nintendo plays, and I love having great games on their platform. But I don’t really love this idea that for every one of our games, there becomes this little rumor on is it going to end up on the Switch or not, and I feel we should set a better expectation with our fans than that.”

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16 thoughts on “Xbox boss Phil Spencer says he has a great relationship with Nintendo”

  1. He has a valid point… if every exclusive game from Microsoft ends in other platforms, while not receiving exclusives from any other platform in return, then why would you choose the Xbox in the first place?

    1. It’s the strongest console, so if you don’t play on PC there’s that at least. But the problem with Xbox is that they’ve had far to few exclusives this generation, so you’re right. There was no big incentive to buy Xbox One over the other consoles.

      1. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve bought about 16 studios for this new generation. I’m eager to see Microsoft really improving their amount of first party titles

        1. Yeah, that’s what I’m telling people when they say Xbox is only for Halo. I think we’ll see a lot of interesting things from MS in the years to come :)

      2. Well, Some of there games have been put on Switch does not impress me yet. I was hoping for them to put one of there best games on to Nintendo Switch or for Nintendo’s next gen system.

          1. My point is people going to pay $500 for hardware. Make some damn games. Get Rare lazy self and use the extra money to find all the orginal staff and bring back the Banjo-kazooie. That’s my point.

        1. That’s nice but Microsoft owns IPs that can crush Sony and for some stupid reason not doing nothing with them. And for the 1st time, it wouldnt matter if those IPs were still with Nintendo because the IPs that are with them they ain’t doing nothing with them either. All these Ips and dont do nothing with them is sort of stupid.
          Ubisoft main IP is Rayman when was the last time he was on a new adventure game?

        2. I have yet to see them put a true Xbox exclusicve to the Switch. Cuphead doesn’t count because it started as an indie game. It’s possible that the devs had some saying in the decision to port it to the Switch.

        3. Obviously Sony doesnt have nothing to show because they didnt make nothing. developers are making more powerful consoles yet the software takes longer to produce. If they know software takes longer to produce then why wait 8 years to start a game?
          That’s why they need to stop taking long breaking periods and immediately start a new game right away. Coronavirus or no Coronavirus they need to make games. That’s the purpose of buying an upgraded console….the games. So tell Lazy Rareware to make some games for the New Series X and stop waiting 15 years. Retro Studios is lazy too. They have not released a new game since Tropical Freeze in 2014. How lazy is that? And they finally making a Last of Us 2? When the first game came out PS4 wasn’t even out yet. Now it is going from PS3 while the sequel goes to PS5. That’s because they didnt do nothing in between.

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