Gamescom 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak, digital event planned

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this years Gamescom has been cancelled. Many industry folks had speculated that it would have to be pulled but the news broke from their Twitter account recently stating that under no circumstances was it to go ahead. The team are working on a digital event to take place at the end of August.

The convention takes place in Cologne, Germany and with over 370,000 attendees last year, Gamescom is regarded as a key player in video game trade fairs as it’s open to press and public, much like E3.


  1. You know what, why don’t they just cancel everything at once so we can be done with this shit!

    At least there won’t be anymore bad news. And once enough people die, there won’t be anyone left to get sick from the virus.

    8 months of 2020 left.


      1. I DON’T, but our government on the other hand…….

        I’m dead serious. Every two weeks, an event or movie gets cancelled because of this virus. Let’s look at the record:

        -Nintendo (radio silence until 3/26)
        -E3 – Cancelled
        -Sonic SXSW Info – Delayed, Twice
        -St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Cancelled
        -School – Cancelled
        -Theme Parks – Shut down
        -Restaurants – Shut down
        -Loitering – You get a fine
        -Minions 2 – Cancelled (despite people’s opinion)
        -Scoob – Indefinitely Delayed
        -Spongebob Movie – Indefinitely Delayed
        -My Hero Academia Season 4 (Dub)
        -Nintendo Repairs – Indefinitely Delayed
        -Gamescom – Cancelled
        -Beaches – Shut down
        -Summer – Cancelled

        What remains (until abrupt cancellation/delay in foresight):

        -Soul (Pixar Movie)
        -Pokemon SW/SH Expansion Pass
        -ARMS Fighter for Smash
        -Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
        -New Year’s Eve


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