Nintendo Pokemon

Game Freak advertises 23 positions for developing a new entry in Pokemon series

Game Freak, the developers behind the Pokemon franchise, are currently on a hiring spree looking to recruit talented new individuals to help work on the next entry in the core series. The company has advertised 23 new positions for people of all backgrounds from prestigious programmers to artists. Game Freak’s first expansion is available today and is titled the Isle of Armor and is available as part of the Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword & Shield.



  1. This will be the norm from now on. release the game with most pokemon missing as an excuse to charge people more for dlc.


  2. I wish Avery was not on my game. I wanted Klara to have a purple haired twin sister that is exclusive to shield. Drayden and Iris handled this better. Drayden gets a bigger role on black but at least Iris appears as a move tutor for draco meteor. Klara is nowhere to be found on shield. This is a similar disappointment like when omochao replaced cream the rabbit on team sonic racing.


  3. Pokémon has been such a huge part of my life and it would be the dream to be a part of the creative team behind anything Pokémon! 😍


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