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WayForward considering 3D Shantae game but no specific plans right now

USGamer had the opportunity to chat with Shantae and the Seven Sirens game director Matt Bozon in a wide-ranging interview. One topic of conversation is where the team would like to see Shantae go next. Matt told the site that they have talked about a 3D Shantae game for years and will continue to consider it and possibly develop it but only when they feel the time is right. Here’s what was said:

Moving into a new console generation, are there any places you’d want to see Shantae go?

“We’ve talked for years about taking Shantae into a 3D polygonal world. But that’s never happened. I can’t say if this generation will be “the one,” but it’s something we’ll probably consider again when the time is right. I’d also love to play around with some kind of Shantae adventure in VR, or something musical in nature. We’ll have to wait and see. Anything can happen!”


5 thoughts on “WayForward considering 3D Shantae game but no specific plans right now”

  1. Anything can happen later on. I was wondering when are they going to do a 3D Shantae game one day. Because most gaming industries are still making 3D entries for there popular beloved series.

  2. I’m down for anything Shantae. Be it a musical belly dancing game, a 3D platformer or even a Smash Bros like fighting game. That last one might need some bolstering of the cast, perhaps with the Mighty series of characters.

  3. Would be cool to see. Would probably focus highly on platforming with different transformations as I can’t see the hair whip being an incredibly useful attack in a 3D environment.
    Minimize the combat and you could likely make a Shantae equivalent of Mario 64. Just add dungeons to the mix and you’re set.

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