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Venture Beat: EA could announce Apex Legends for Switch at EA Play

Venture Beat writer Jeff Grubb who has been very insightful lately with accurate information on the video games industry believes it is likely that EA is working on bringing Apex Legends to the Nintendo Switch platform. The free-to-play title has proved to be a good competitor to the behemoth which is Fortnite and more recently Call of Duty: Warzone. EA will likely want to have it on as many platforms as possible and at present its only available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Respawn has previously said they would love to put the game on Switch. If EA is working on it then it will likely be announced during EA Play which is happening tomorrow June 18th at 4pm PT / 12am BST.

What about EA on Nintendo Switch?

During a recent conference call with investors, EA noted that it was looking more seriously at supporting the Switch. That could take many forms. But at the very least, it should mean Apex Legends making the leap to the Nintendo hybrid home console/handheld.

I would like to see EA shadow-drop some older games on the Switch, but who knows how much work that entails. A game like Apex Legends could make money for years, though.


5 thoughts on “Venture Beat: EA could announce Apex Legends for Switch at EA Play”

  1. Let’s hope so. Pretty asinine that it isn’t on it already. Waiting for the Switch gatekeepers to say “We don’t want this tRasH. We are above this.” There is a reason this game is popular. (And miles better than fortnite)

    1. Who exactly said that? I habent seen any but i do know that stuff like this isnt only with the. Nintendo fanbase it happens with sony microsoft and pc too whenever a game doesnt come to their platform of choice

      1. No one said that specifically. I’m saying that i have seen people reject the idea of some 3rd party games coming to the system like COD and Fortnite

  2. Yeah of course they COULD announce it. How’s this news? This is just an article saying ‘yeah EA could do this if they wanted to maybe”

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