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Pokemon Sword & Shield has new Max Raid event involving water-types

There’s a chance for everyone who owns Pokemon Sword & Shield on Switch to obtain a special shiny Wailord. The Pokemon is available via a new Max Raid battle event which involves water-type Pokemon. The special event is currently live and will wrap up tomorrow 19th July and all you need to do is update your wild area to start seeing the water-based characters. You also have the chance of seeing the following Pokemon:

  • Carvanha
  • Frillish
  • Jellicent
  • Kingler (Standard and Gigantamax)
  • Mantine
  • Mantyke
  • Pyukumuku
  • Sharpedo
  • Wailmer


4 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield has new Max Raid event involving water-types”

  1. I would like a patch for crown tundra that would block Allister and Hop from Wyndon. I have to soft reset to block them. Hop is just a Hau reskin and I thought Allister would just be a guy I battle once. Allister drives Melony away every time I want to battle her.

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