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HAL Laboratory Tokyo relocates to Nintendo’s new building

The beloved HAL Laboratory has relocated to Nintendo’s fancy new building in Tokyo. The staff at HAL Laboratory Tokyo has also increased, with the last count at 195 employees which is up from the last count of 169. The company is famous for its work on Kirby and the Mother series. The company joins Game Freak who transferred to the new Tokyo Building along with Nintendo EPD Tokyo.


10 thoughts on “HAL Laboratory Tokyo relocates to Nintendo’s new building”

  1. They’re all one big happy family. One where the kids grow up and move back in with mom and dad.

  2. Now all you skeptics, non believers and we Nintendo video game players are about to be believers. Nintendo has been patiently and preparing you for the amazing gamines their studios are about to unleash. You should have been bracing yourselves for amazing games. Not whining lol.

    “ leave luck to heaven .”

    F= MA.

    1. nope, the new paper Mario shows Nintendo is still really missing the part of what makes a good game. the new paper Mario is a dumpster fire of missed opportunity. lol brace your self for boring letdowns

      1. Have you played Origami King? If so, then I apologise. If not, then you don’t get to complain.
        Who am I kidding, it wouldn’t be the internet without baseless accusations.

        1. thats not true at all, iv played all the games in the series, its not what i was looking for when i played the first three games, every game after has not returned what iv been wanting from the series. so i dont have to give this game a chance, its not what im looking for. and i have played some of it on a freinds switch and ….no

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