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Yoshinori Ono has announced he is leaving Capcom

The legendary Capcom developer Yoshinori Ono has announced this morning that he is leaving Capcom. He’s been at the company for almost 30 years and is set to leave the company this summer. Rumours have swirled regarding the direction of the Street Fighter franchise for a while now, and while Mr. Ono doesn’t give a definitive reason for leaving the company, it’s thought that it is related to that. Here’s the message he shared with fans via social network, Twitter.

14 thoughts on “Yoshinori Ono has announced he is leaving Capcom”

  1. This is a big deal for the SF community. Imagine sakurai stops developing Smash for Nintendo…. except SF is 10 years older than smash.

    1. “Imagine Sakurai stops developing Smash for Nintendo” That would be Waluigi fan’s dream come true. If Sakurai hates making Smash so much, why doesn’t he pass the torch already?

    1. Same here. I refuse to buy the obsolete 3DS handheld version or a PlayStation.

      They can keep SF5 however.

  2. You see this with every big time franchise. It’s not creative that becomes stagnant but the the corporation one works for. He can go and start up his own indie company and do his own thing now the way he sees fits. Good for him.

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