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PS5’s DualSense controller works on Nintendo Switch with 8Bitdo adapter

The eagerly awaited Playstation 5 launches very soon and some folk have already had their accessories delivered ahead of the console’s launch. And one Twitter use @BrokenGamezHDR has been experimenting with an 8Bitdo adapter; he’s got the DualSense controller working on his Nintendo Switch. You can check it out in action below where they’re seen navigating menus on Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and on the Switch UI.

Apparently it doesn’t work with PS4 (yet) but at least it operates on the Nintendo Switch should you wish to purchase an adapter from 8Bitdo.


9 thoughts on “PS5’s DualSense controller works on Nintendo Switch with 8Bitdo adapter”

  1. There irony of it not working on the ps4, and working fine on the switch is funny, maybe they’ll do update or sum for it to sorta work or it’ll be moded by the community

    1. If I remember correctly, the PS4 uses an ID verification for the controllers. Thats why the DS5 works on PS3/Switch and the likes. Those consoles dont use that ID verification, only the PS4 (and XBO if I recall.) A patch would definitely fix it, but its really not in Sony’s best interest, and they have been very anti BC with everything lately, so its doubtful that a fix would ever come out from them.

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