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UK charts: Pikmin 3 Deluxe enters at No.7

The UK physical software charts have finally arrived and it is time to have a look at which games are performing the best in the United Kingdom. This week saw the release of the lovely Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch which is one of the few Wii U ports which had a stronger launch on the original console than the latter. The game’s opening week sales were down 18.5% over the original and it arrived this week at No.7. This week there are six Nintendo Switch exclusives in the top ten, which is great. Here’s the GfK Top Ten for the week ending 31st October:

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
11FIFA 21
New Entry2Watch Dogs Legion
23Animal Crossing: New Horizons
44Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
35Minecraft (Switch)
56Super Mario 3D All-Stars
New Entry7Pikmin 3 Deluxe
68Ring Fit Adventure
New Entry9The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
710Minecraft Dungeons


12 thoughts on “UK charts: Pikmin 3 Deluxe enters at No.7”

  1. That’s about as good as could be expected for it really considering the other games around it. I feel if it had released earlier in the year it might have done a little better though. I’m really enjoying it again and hopefully with a few more digital sales there is a future for the franchise

  2. Not surprised. Reports say it has sold less than wiiu debut. Releasing this as a standalone was a mistake. Shouldve done the trilogy. This release seems so non committal from nintendo

    1. Remember though that this is just physical and digital sales are much higher on Switch than they ever were on Wii U especially early on in its lifespan, so overall it might’ve done better. The full trilogy would’ve been nice though yeah.

      1. Remember though when Pikmin 3 first came out, the Wii U wasnt even a year old yet. The Switch is nearly 4years old and Pikmin 3 delux sold less physical copies than Wii U. Switch is at about or almost 70million. The Switch was less than 5 million when Pikmin 3 debuted. So the fact you brought up digital sales mean nothing.

  3. Well, they took a 25€ game, added 10€ worth of content and released it for 55/60€. Thats why I didnt buy it again.

  4. What’s Da Dizzneal?

    Really enjoying this! Two player story co-op is spectacular. You get so much done in a day with two players. I remember how much work, though satisfying, it was when I played the Wii U version story single player. My take: Only worth 60 if you intend to play every single mode that it has to offer.

  5. Since when was Pikmin a best seller? Number 7 debut is fair.

    It will probably exceed the Wii U’s sales thanks to a bigger install base.

    1. They said that of Tropical Freeze, and yet that didn’t officially surpass Wii U’s version. Install base is meaningless if they don’t buy games for it.

  6. Shoukd had released Pikmin 4 when it was first announced 5 years ago. This just shows you stop being lazy and make some damn games. Covid wasn’t out in 2015. So what’s the weak excuse?

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