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GameXplain: DOOM Eternal PS4 Pro/Nintendo Switch comparison video

DOOM Eternal is finally out on Nintendo’s hybrid console digitally, and the team over at GameXplain have come away impressed with Panic Button’s efforts in porting the title to Switch. André Segers from GameXplain expressed his surprise at how well the software ran and mentioned that Panic Button ‘”must be wizards” and said “It’s remarkable the game runs on Switch at all, let alone look this good whole doing so,”.

Thankfully, they have compiled a video to show the game running side by side on the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch and considering the Switch is lacking the horsepower the PS4 Pro has, it’s looking pretty good with a decent frame rate and smooth animations in cut scenes. Although we can’t confirm if Panic Button are in fact wizards, we can provide the video for you. Here it is:

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7 thoughts on “GameXplain: DOOM Eternal PS4 Pro/Nintendo Switch comparison video”

  1. If they’ve done that good a job, surely a physical version for switch would be considered. I will buy this for switch if they do release a physical. If not il have to get the PS4 version.
    I prefer handheld play. It saves arguments in my busy household.

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