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UK charts: Switch games dominate physical games charts this week

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell extremely well in the United Kingdom and this week was no exception with ten Switch games in the top twenty best-selling physical games charts. Games Industry is reporting that Nintendo Switch game sales are up 120% year-to-date in the UK. Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues its streak at No.1 in the UK boxed charts. Here’s the GfK Top Ten for the week ending 16th January:

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
11Animal Crossing: New Horizons 
32Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
33Just Dance 2021
84Grand Theft Auto 5
75Minecraft (Switch)
46FIFA 21
107Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
118Super Mario 3D All-Stars
99New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
610Ring Fit Adventure



  1. Interesting even if the PS5 and Series.X consoles are hard to get a hold of why aren’t the fans at least buying the games so when more next generation consoles will be easier to find, they already have the software?

    All that talk about how weak the Switch is and how powerful next generation consoles are and no one is at least buying next generation software. The weakest graphical game is still number one.

    So if graphics are everything why isn’t Ghost of Tsushima or TLOU II not selling like Animal Crossing?

    Last I checked isn’t PS5 at 5 million so why aren’t people buying the software? Just buying a console but not next generation software?

    Graphics whores brag about graphics but wont support the developers.

    1. Buying software before you have the hardware makes absolutely no sense. Trying to secure a 5 or X is near on impossible right now.

      Infact your whole argument is completely off. 5mil sales????. Yes worldwide maybe. This is the UK charts

      1. Why not. I bought Bomber Man and a pro controller months before it was easier to find a Switch back in 2017 because i knew i was getting the console.

      2. I noticed you ignored the fact i also mentioned graphical Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU2 and 60fps wasnt on the chart for long yet less graphical Animal Crossing at 30fps will be 1 year old in a few months and still top 5 best selling game.

        They want graphics but not supporting the developers. PS4 has over 100 million install base.

      3. When Halo comes let’s see if the graphics whores will keep it at top 5 as long as Animal Crossing. No excuse either since Microsoft prolonged it in R&D for the graphics whores. Remember the graphics whores complained when it was unveiled. So they giving them what they want. So put your money where your months at.

        I’m seeing why there is no Switch pro. Nintendo puts money into a Switch pro and the graphics whores won’t make it sale better than the Switch mini.

    2. I am wondering this, and no digital sales do not explain it because while digital has increased there is still a bulk for physical as well. For all the noise power lovers make and how they constantly call out Nintendo to make more powerful systems they are sure not setting a good picture considering it costs a lot, LOT more to make games from their AAA daddies.

      It just goes to show graphics lovers and frame rate warriors are just the loudest and not the most in number.

    3. I really like your comment. The PS5! is indeed hard to secure. The Xbox series X/S can be found in stores easier, only online is it harder to procure. As for software Nintendo is gaming’s greatest games maker. Even when the other two finally have enough stock on shelves; the Switch’s software is just too amazing. Breath of the wild, astral chain, luigis mansion, animal crossing, Mario maker 2, fire emblem tré houses, Mario odyssey etc are well made. Thus most of the above mentioned games are evergreens. Xbox has mediocre to Passover games. PlayStation tries, but their games only have minimal replay ability.


      1. I’m not sure if your based in the UK. But here, the xbox is not easily accessible because of lockdown..regardless, I’ve not seen it on sale anywhere.

        I myself own a switch. Truth be told, I only play it to experience Nintendo games..

        Playstation on the other hand, in the last couple of years has given me the best gaming experiences in a long long time. Ghost of Tsu. Unchartered. Spiderman and God of War are simply amazing.
        I’m a big Breath/Wild fan but it doesn’t hold a candle to Kratos

      2. Danny Kratos does not hold a candle or matchstick to breath of the wild. Breath of the wild is the game of the generation. It has changed open world game, like ocarina of time did. god of war is $19 on Sony selects. How many of the over 100 million PlayStation owners even bought it. The percentage is not favorable my friend. Link is the superior protagonist period. He and his gang return in part three soon. Or breath of the wild 2 as it is known. Nintendo is unmatched when it comes to great game design. Even today Mario galaxy outshines all past song games in replay value.


    4. To be fair there isn’t much software to buy for either of these consoles at the moment. It will be a long time before either one has a decent library of to choose from or has a big selling game

    5. My PC puts all of them to shame, and if a game is on both Switch and PC I will still almost always favor the switch over the PC because portability is just too damn good, and also not wanting to have to move my PC into the living room all the time to get to play games on the TV. All pluses. Also, there is absolutely no reason to by a PS5 or X Box over A gaming PC as quiet frankly it can do it all and more. Switch + PC is the way to go period. Anything else is a waste of money.

  2. @grunt. I’m now unsure of what your argument is now. So because the titles that command excellent graphics and FPS rates are not getting support from us ??? Is that what you’re saying.

    The titles you’ve mentioned are all top sellers in 2020. TLOU2 already sold its millions of copies and shared its success and are already best sellers. So by your logic, your completely wrong.

    Regarding Sony and xbox titles. Everyone knows the exclusives remain in the top 10 for a number of weeks. Nintendo titles are Evergreen.

    PS, your comments about Halo. Just for clarity I am a PS and Nintendo main. But that Halo reveal. Was truly and utterly dreadful. For a Series X showcase. That was atrocious and needs an overhaul

    1. If Gruntilda is seeing is the same way as me then this is their point. Power lovers paint this picture that power is what is needed to make games happen and framerates provide the best experience but when you look at the statistics, the group is all noise. Obviously the hardware selling out is a good sign, but everything else just raises questions. Sony can sell all the systems they want but that does not make the third parties money, that makes Sony money.

      1. Like grunt. You argument is complete nonsense. So if you play a 30fps game that performs at 10 frames or less. Is it unplayable, maybe not but it doesn’t make for a great experience. Regardless of graphics.

        Sony selling hardware only benefits Sony.
        YES OBVIOUSLY. However. More hardware sales equals a better chance for 3rd parties to make revenue.

      2. It is not complete nonsense. If it was the numbers would back up the opinions. The experience of the majority is not influenced by those factors or the games which prioritise it would be there. Where are they?

        For hardware, Wii and PSP sold an awful lot of hardware but third parties did not see the returns they wanted and bailed.

    2. Being a Sony and Nintendo fan Danny, I will not go on the offensive. Had you said Xbox, I would have had to bring you to heavenly goodness that is Nintendo and gaming excellence that is Sony. Xbox is a Sony PlayStation clone with less exclusives. If only people could see this all would be well.


  3. @haruhis framerates and graphics can have a dramatical effect. Cyberpunk is the prime example of this. Subsequently, you ever played Fifa on Nintendo, its a complete disaster.

    Again your hardware comment is of no relevance to this. Wii from memory was a joke. The only developer that profited was wii play because it came with a Wiimote. Regarding psp. Capcom rockstar games, THQ all did very well from memory.

    1. Cyberpunk: ignoring what we already established? Sales figures of games are clearly not impacted despite graphics or performance. FIFA has run considerably worse because of Frostbite, but there it is. So how does this disprove that power lovers are a vocal minority and just make the most noise?

      PSP: companies still supported DS more and they did not sell enough for PSP to keep long term support like the others did. Like I said, PS5 selling systems is fine but if the game sales do not follow that does not benefit third parties.

      1. What is all this argument about noise you keep referring to ? My point is. Games that are power houses flog. They sell well. Nintendo games albeit in a different league, guess what.. sell well.

        PSP sold 80mil plus. Youre telling me the studios I mentioned didn’t turn a profit.

      2. VCS was the best selling R* PSP game and GTA IV sold over 5 times that amount. They saw bigger fish to fry on other systems. The 80 million systems went to Sony’s pocket.

        Noise = whenever people study rumours or speculation about new systems they have concerns about “the power”. Yet here is a list of top selling games and all are on systems already on the market. Japan is the same. Why are PS5 games attaching so low if power is what the majority want? Unless of course the reality is it is what the most vocal group want, in which case the graphics lovers and frame rate warriors are all noise.

    2. Danny FIFA is made and published by EA and their studios. It is a disaster from the developer’s house not Nintendo. Monster hunter games on Nintendo are always amazing. Waiting on the true monster hunter game Rise this March. A return to glory and not visual optics only.


      1. The point is. Fifa on Nintendo is still a complete disaster.

        I’m not disputing the graphics of monster hunter. As I have stated. Nintendo does well. And these so called power freaks and people that demand power. Those developers also do very well

  4. @haru yes but those studios were still profitable. Right.

    the PS5 has literally been out for 5 mins. How can expect an attach rate when its impossible to get hold off the system..

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