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Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC is now available and here’s the animated trailer

Fans of the fantastic indie game Dead Cells may want to head over to the eShop today as the Fatal Falls DLC is now available to purchase. It’s only $4.99 and is available on other platforms as well as the Nintendo Switch. The DLC offers players two new levels to battle their way through along with a new boss to defeat, a host of new enemies to kill and weapons to wield. To celebrate, Motion Twin has uploaded a new animated trailer to its YouTube channel which you can view for yourself just below. We suggest you do as the animation is fantastic!


5 thoughts on “Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC is now available and here’s the animated trailer”

  1. When Dead Cells first came out, I loved it. I played it a lot. Like, 200 hours worth, a lot. But then it started getting DLC, and I found that every time a new DLC came out, and I got the DLC, the less and less I played the game. I’m not sure why that is. Now, I’m debating whether I’ll even get this DLC. I haven’t played the game in a while. I probably should get back into it. But, I’m not sure more DLC will help with that.

    I bought Dead Cells and Hollow Knight on the same day. I decided to give both a chance, and decided to play each for 5 mins first, to see which one I would focus on. I played Hollow Knight first, for about 5 mins. Thought it was just ok. Then I played Dead Cells for 5 mins, and was immediately hooked, and immediately put in like 120 hours. I loved it. Couldn’t put it down. Then the first DLC came out, and I bought it immediately. But then I noticed I didn’t play it as much. DLC was alright, but I don’t know why i wasn’t into it as much as I should of been. Then the 2nd DLC came out, and I immediately got that (tho, had 2nd thoughts when I bought it), but I got it the moment it released, and I played more of Dead Cells after that. But less and less. Until I eventually stopped. I haven’t played it in a while. I still love the game, I just don’t have a desire to play it right now. So, I’m honestly debating about this new DLC. I haven’t touched the game in months, and every time new DLC comes out, I’m less and less inclined to play the game. I can’t explain it. Just how it is.

    Recently, in the past couple of weeks, after beating many games since, I finally decided to go back to Hollow Knight. Again, I only put 5 mins into it, but everybody kept telling me how great it was. I wasn’t that impressed, with just my 5 mins of game time. But I thought I’d give it a fair chance, finally, and put more time into it. I put all of my focus into it, and found that I loved it. So much so, that after I beat the game, I immediately re-started it and beat it all over again. Making sure to explore everywhere and do everything, before beating it. I put over 80 hours into it right away. Beating it twice, and starting a 3rd game, tho, I purposely put the 3rd game down to play other things. But I’ll go back to it. i’m actually more inclined to go back and play Hollow Knight again, rather than get the Dead Cells DLC and play that.

    I got both games at the same time, played them both at the same time back then, and fell in love in Dead Cells first. So much so, I didn’t touch Hollow Knight again for years later. But now that I have, in the last several weeks, I’m far more inclined to continue with Hollow Knight than more Dead Cells. In fact, I might not get this new DLC. Maybe. Its only $5. So, I probably will. But I’m far more excited about Silk Song than this DLC, to be honest. But I always link these 2 franchises together, as I first got them together and played them together, at first. But that’s just me, I guess.

      1. Hades is great. I’ve put about 200 hours into it already. Beat it many many times. Actually, I also recently started playing Curse of the Dead Gods too. Its basically Hades, but with a Mayan theme instead of a Greek theme. There’s a few tweaks as well. Like, there’s a torch you have in this game servers a vital role. Rooms are dark, but you can have your torch out, which you can attack with, but its weak. But you light different torch stands in the rooms (which can be blown out or destroyed, so be careful). While in the light, you take normal damage. But if the light goes out, and you’re in the dark, you take twice as much damage. Like Dead Cells, you have a Primary and Secondary weapon slot, for single handed weapons. But you also have a 3rd, Two-Handed Weapon spot as well. Plus a 4th spot for your torch, which you always have, and can’t drop, as it’s important. There’s also a stamina meter too. If you do combos with your singlehanded weapons, it uses stamina. Tho, just regular attacks won’t. But two handed weapons always use stamina, and they are slower, but much more powerful. You can also roll dodge out of the way, and you can parry attacks too. Tho, Roll Dodging uses stamina too. Which Stamina replenishes automatically after a few seconds. The levels are randomly generated. You can “buy” new weapons, like in Dead Cells, but, you don’t need to find the “blueprint” for them. You just have to get the right currency to afford them. You sometimes get that particular currently normal enemies, but you mostly get them from bosses. There’s regular Gold too, which is used like in Hades, to buy things between “floors”. Be it different weapons, or upgrades for your weapons. But there’s also Jade Rings, which are like the Purple Gems from Hades, where you use to unlock different bonuses to help you out when you start new runs. Then there’s Crystal Skulls, which unlocks things like new weapons to find during your run (like “buying” new weapons in Dead Cells), or buying the options to gain more choices of starting weapons or to refresh the choices given, etc.

        Gameplay is just like Hades. Story isn’t as deep as Hades tho. But gameplay is still fun, and the new torch feature adds a different level of strategy to the game. In Hades, when you finish a floor, you have a choice between doors (and rafts) that take you in a different path, that give different rewards. Similarly, you have a choice of which rewards path to take here. Gold. Weapons. Upgrades. Health. Attributes. Relics. Or Random. Gold is just that, Gold, to buy things along your journey. Like Hades, gold is only used during the run itself, not outside of it. Weapons gives you a choice of picking up a new, possibly better, weapon (that you’ve unlocked), and you can either pay with gold, or with your health, if you don’t have enough gold. Yes, you can take damage to gain a reward. So, risk vs reward. Upgrades will make any of your current weapons stronger, and do more damage, or add elemental effects, etc. Again, can purchase with gold, or “blood” (health). Health by the way, is like the ‘health’ floor in Hades, where there’s no enemies, just a well of health. However, if you choose to heal from the well, it heals x amount each time you use it, roughly about 200 health each time. BUT, it adds to your Cursed meter when you do. More on that shortly. Attributes, like Dead Cells, you have 3 options to choose from. One upgrades how much damage you do. One upgrades how much Health you have. And one upgrades how much money you get per drop. And some weapons give more damage or other benefits, depending on how many points you have in particular attributes. So its like Dead Cells that way. The Relics act like the “Gods Gifts” in Hades, where they give you bonuses, like more damage, or health, or elemental effects, etc. And then there’s Random, which randomly picks one of previously mentioned Rewards.

        Now for the Curse. Curses work the way that the Punishment Pact feature works in Hades. It makes the game harder, by adding random effects. Like harder enemies, smaller light field, less damage, more enemies, etc, etc. Similar to Hades. Only, you don’t get to choose them before you start the run. You get them add automatically by what you do during the run. You can choose to get cursed by taking weapons or upgrades (sometimes its costs you “curse” instead of “blood”, if you don’t have the gold). Or, some enemies will add ‘curse’ to your meter if they hit you. You even get more cursed when you choose to heal too. So, depending on how your run goes, you could get more and more ‘curses” added to your run. So, if you’re playing well, you won’t be as cursed by the end of the run. but if you’re playing poorly, or need more help during the run, it makes the run harder for you.

        So, yeah, it’s a lot like Hades, with some Dead Cells features mixed in, with a Mayan theme instead of Greek. But just as fun as Hades. If you liked Hades, you will like Curse of the Dead Gods. So give that a try.

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