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US: Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo card packs launching exclusively via Target on 26th March

For the first time, the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration amiibo card packs will be releasing in the US on 26th March exclusively via retailer Target. They were originally only released in Europe and Japan so fans of the Japanese pop culture company Sanrio (and Animal Crossing, of course) will have these to look forward to purchasing soon. Nintendo of America broke the news today via Twitter alongside a funky looking update that’s coming in a couple of days and it mentions that the cards will work with compatible software. Sadly, players looking for a ton of new content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be disappointed to learn that the cards will only unlock a handful in-game posters.

Still, the cards will give access to more perks such as furniture and clothing in both the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Animal Crossing: New Leaf titles so all is not lost.



  1. Why would an e rated game collab with a m rated game, these games have two different target audiences, and its obviously that they won’t reference doom, unless he ends up in smash ultimate.


  2. >Still, the cards will give access to more perks such as furniture and clothing in both the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Animal Crossing: New Leaf titles so all is not lost.

    Pocket Camp has no Amiibo functionality whatsoever.


  3. Why the heck don’t these work in Happy Home Designer? I thought that’s what they’d be for. Then again, Nintendo completely abandoned the 3DS now. I hope I can find these in the actual Target STORE. Because I hate when things are online only.

    When Nintendo re-released the original Animal Crossing amiibo cards last year, I thought I’d find them everywhere. And I planned on buying a LOT. And Target was one of the first stores I went to try finding them because that’s where I bought them when they first released. But sadly, I could only find them at I ordered 15 packs. But I probably would have bought even more if I could have found them in stores. Sometimes when Nintendo does something cool, they do it in a stupid way that nearly defeats the purpose.


  4. Aww, having access to in-game posters is how the cards work now. I thought there was going to be more features – another article said you’d be able to invite the Sanrio villagers to live on your island. Maybe you can investigate this? Because if that’s not the case, they’re going to disappoint a lot of new Sanrio Amiibo card owners.. The posters were not that great.


    1. Yeah I saw somewhere you could have them move to your town!! At least from another stand point, it’d be cool to say you at least have them. Plus if they add new furniture trading features like in old games (retail from NL and flea market from wild world) then we might be able to get the cute sets!

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  5. Incorrect information here! These new sanrio cards will not just unlock posters in New Horizons like this person is claiming. Why would anyone buy cards to get some stupid posters? They unlock all the furniture AND you can invite them to your camp in new horizons with them.


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