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Team Cherry discusses what’s next after Hollow Knight: Silksong

EDGE magazine recently caught up with Team Cherry, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Switch title Hollow Knight. Speaking to the game’s co-directors Ari Gibson and William Pellen the two discussed what’s next after the long-awaited Hollow Knight: Silk Song which still doesn’t have a firm release date. Gibson was asked by the publication if the team will be taking a break after Silksong. Here’s what was said:

“Well, we have that non-Hollow Knight game that is due to be made. It’s been left to lapse, which is just fine. But I think we’re both excited to jump into that.

They’re just documents that get expanded as each new idea comes in. So they’re good in a way, because once the document exists, every month or few months, it gets slowly added to in the background.

Making a game that’s not Hollow Knight, it’s not that different: they’re just, like, big worlds that we can run around in, and meet characters, and go on adventures. The theme might change slightly in that you don’t have a sword or needle any more. But beyond that it’s pretty much the same experience. Maybe the characters won’t have as many horns.”



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