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Cindy Robinson, the voice of Amy Rose in the Sonic series, has retired from the series

 Cindy Robinson, who voices Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, has announced that she’s retiring from the long-running franchise. Sonic voice actor Roger Craig Smith recently announced that he has also retired from voicing the spiky blue hedgehog. Fans are currently speculating that a major Sonic shake-up is happening behind the scenes at SEGA. Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary is taking place this year.

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16 thoughts on “Cindy Robinson, the voice of Amy Rose in the Sonic series, has retired from the series”

  1. A bit slow on the uptake there, My Nintendo News.

    Either way, these mas retirees do not paint a good picture for the future of the franchise, namely the games and direction of each character.

    Depending on what they do, I may have to disregard everything from this point on as part of the “Sonic Lie” era, because these characters will be radically different from what they once were.

    What was wrong with the Adventure era!? Clearly someone at SEGA was unhappy with it by the time Sonic Heroes was pitched. Then when Pontaff showed up, the tombstone was crafted.

    1. This is hardly the first time this has happened so I don’t get why people are so suprising, hell sonics had how many English VA changes?

      Also: “What was wrong with the Adventure era!?” Those games suck and were built on the back of a formula that had ZERO longevity.

    2. Even though Heroes was still heavily based off the Adventure style and ’06 is exactly the same style of game that Adventure 2 was. Just because Sega didn’t call the next games Adventure 3, doesn’t mean we didn’t get anothrr Adventure style game.

      1. Ya know, there’s “Adventure-style” and there’s “Adventure GAME”. Style is always going to be a different variation from the thing its based on.

        And in Sonic 2006’s case, it was a poor interpretation of of the Adventure games (just as Boom is a poor interpretation of the entire franchise).

        As for Sonic Unleashed, “World Adventure” is just a TITLE. After all, Sonic Rush Adventure isn’t a Sonic Adventure game, not even Adventure-style.

        In short:
        -Adventure game
        -Adventure-style game
        -In name only

        Hope that clears up the differences so we can stop having these stupid discussions.

    3. You don’t know what the reason was why those VAs are leaving. As long as there is no real info, all we can do is speculating and that never helpful.

      But I agree with you, that there is nothing wrong with SA or SA2. Both were good games, SA a bit better in my opinion, and brought us a lot of fun back during the Dreamcast era :)

      1. It still feels quite wrong to me, and I’m guessing it didn’t feel any better back then. I just can’t think of any positive cause that would lead to something like this happening. Either SEGA decided to just replace all voice actors – which would be incredibly disrespectful towards them – or the actors have decided to leaven on their own – which I could only see happening if SEGA did something really bad. Either possibility would leave a bad aftertaste.

  2. Just to be honest with you guys, some of the voice actors can’t voice the characters forever. They wanted new generation voice actors to voice the characters as well for Sonic’s future.

    Basically some people got nervous that something else is going to happen and SEGA might be planning something big for Sonic’s 30th anniversary this year.

  3. With the VAs for Sonic, Tails, and Amy all leaving, I wonder if any others will be as well. To be honest, there are a few I think could use changes (I never liked Shadow’s voice since 2010 so I’m hoping he gets a new voice) and some I hope stick around (at this point I can’t picture anyone else’s voice coming from Eggman except Mike Pollock’s, and Espio has been voiced by Matt Mercer since Forces and I adore Mercer so I hope he doesn’t go anywhere).

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