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Bloomberg: Switch Pro being unveiled later in 2021, has bigger Samsung OLED display & 4k resolution in docked mode

The Switch Pro rumors have been getting very hard to ignore in the past few months. Not only have they gotten more frequent, but they’re suggesting that a reveal is getting very close. And now, with today being the 4th anniversary of the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there’s another report that has appeared.

Bloomberg is reporting that, according to “people familiar with the plan” that they spoke to, Nintendo is planning to unveil a new Switch model later this year. The model is reportedly going to have a bigger Samsung OLED display, and Nintendo is hoping that this larger touch screen can “prop up demand in time for the holidays”.

Samsung’s mass production of 7-inch, 720p-resolution OLED panels is supposed to begin as early as June, and slated for shipment to assemblers around July. Samsung is currently aiming for an initial monthly target of just under a million units. These “rigid OLED panels” offer a “cheaper but less flexible alternative to the type commonly used for high-end smartphones”. As for resolutions, the model is going to have a docked mode that can display “4K ultra-high definition graphics”. Bloomberg reached out to representatives for Nintendo and Samsung, but they declined to comment.


29 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Switch Pro being unveiled later in 2021, has bigger Samsung OLED display & 4k resolution in docked mode”

  1. 👏 don’t👏 believe👏 these👏 rumors👏 until👏it👏 comes👏 from👏 the👏 horse’s👏 mouth👏

  2. I was worried about the screen being bigger, but 7 inches is basically almost the size of the screen and bezel now.

  3. Getting a bit tired of the “Pro” moniker. Last I remember, that’s the PS4’s thing. I rather “New” Switch, like with how they gave that to the 3DS line.

    1. Pretty sure people keep calling it the “Switch Pro” because noone ever liked the naming scheme of just adding “New” to something. “Switch Pro” would definitely be a gazillion times better than “New Switch”.

      1. Yeah, the “New 3DS” name was mocked by just about everyone I knew when that was unveiled.

        I don’t care if they call it Switch Pro or whatever, but please something a little more creative than “New Switch” please.

    2. Is that what you kids think of when the word ‘Pro’ is used in naming these things? All it reminds me of is the Wii Classic Pro controller and the Wii U Pro controller. Even when the PS4 pro was announced, all I thought about was that wii hash brown looking controller.

    3. I’ll buy it regardless of the name, but Nintendo can you please go back to a sleek name “SP”, or “DX”, instead of “new”.

      1. Actually, last year they said that they have no plans to release a new model in 2020. Then, like two months ago they said that they have no plans to release new model SOON, that they’re about to release two special skin versions, MH Rise one and the blue/red Mario edition was the other. They don’t want to butcher near future sales by saying that’s it’s coming later in 2021 (aka not that soon). There’s so many rumors about it coming in -21 and it makes sense to release it during the year.

      2. Don’t you think they may have changed their minds a little soon though?
        It’s not like anyone can say they’re not making new console/models and suddenly “poof” they made a new one that’s ready for release.

  4. that would make my kiddo happy… I can give the current one to her for her room and stick the new one on the TV in the family room

  5. Oh they declined to comment? It is getting harder to ignore these rumors, and for whatever reason I believe Bloomberg rumors carry more weight. Better screen and battery are obvious features, but the question is; will games have better graphics on the Switch Heavy (idk, adding “plus” or “+” to your product or service is a lil played out by now).

  6. Nintendo is the most anti consumer console and game company, it blows my mind people get on their knees and beg for their garbage to be blown in the face. 4 years later and joy con drift is still a huge problem. And how about some NEW games nintendo? How about you upgrade your online services to actually be useful? How much more remastered, overpriced ports can you continue to throw at your fanbase full of lemmings? You guys are a sad bunch.

    1. Asshurt much… douche bag? Are you in full denial that Nintendo and NVIDIA are adding DLSS ver. 2.0 to play games in 4K UHD? Stay salty, boyfriend.

  7. I wish they could at least make up some more interesting rumors like a N64 mini or Game Boy classic or Mother 3.

  8. Well, they did say they are not going to reveal it anytime soon or maybe when it gets close to mode summor then maybe they will decide to reveal it by then. I’m not planning on getting it because most people still have doubts on all Switch versions. Even the original one.

    I know these rumors are tough to handle for people who can’t stand these, but lets how these goes about the new Switch pro.

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  10. Not 4K please :(

    I’d rather have them use whatever added power to put out games with more stable framerate rather than resolution.

    1. Maybe casual gamers would think that the switch pro controller is only for the switch pro if they decide to call it like that

  11. I hate when jabronis are like “Oh this random interviewer asked Nintendo if they are releasing a Switch Pro in 2021 and they said no, so it’s not happening”. REALLY? Do you think they’d announce new hardware during an interview with an IGN intern? No, they have structure in place for announcing things, so if you ask prior to that, of course you won’t get a yes or no.

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