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Super Bomberman R worldwide sales are now over two million

Konami has announced that the entertaining Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch and other platforms has shifted over 2 million units worldwide. The Bomberman title first launched on the Switch back in 2017 and proved to be a success for the company. Konami then decided to port Super Bomberman R to other platforms. Konami announced yesterday that Super Bomberman R Online will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Super Bomberman R Online was previously exclusive to game streaming platform, Stadia.

3 thoughts on “Super Bomberman R worldwide sales are now over two million”

  1. Because it sold 2 million copies, it now became a free to start game? How is this fair to those who paid full price?

    1. I think this is just the online multiplayer part, not the single-player stuff. On top of that, this is a battle-royale style Bomberman, the Super Bomberman R released 4 years ago doesn’t have that.

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