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Game Builder Garage is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 11th

Over the past year, Nintendo has occasionally surprised fans by randomly dropping game reveals on their social media. One of them included Paper Mario: The Origami King. It has been 3 months now since the last Nintendo Direct occurred, so it’s around that time of the year that Nintendo explores revealing some more games.

This time, however, Nintendo’s decided to return to revealing a game by randomly announcing it on social media. The company has announced Game Builder Garage, where you’ll be able to “learn to make games from the minds at Nintendo”. It releases on the Nintendo Switch on June 11th for $29.99. Nintendo’s announcement tweet, which includes a trailer, is down below.

9 thoughts on “Game Builder Garage is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 11th”

  1. The only thing that degrades this is that Dreams crashed so hard it’s already $20. They did add a eay to share levels, so it’s already 10000x better than Labo Garage because of it.

  2. I liked WarioWare D.I.Y. on the original DS back in 2010, but all you could make were 4-second-long microgames and the only input method was tapping the touch screen. Not even sliding, or dragging, or buttons- just taps on the screen. Quite limiting.

    THIS though… If you actually get to make full games on this thing (not just levels or worlds like Mario Maker), it will have my immediate interest.

    1. And you don’t think Dreams was a rip off of Microsoft’s Project Spark? Make a game games have existed for a long time

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