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New trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush

With Mario Golf: Super Rush, the Mario Golf series makes its return in its speediest instalment yet. Players can join a variety of Mushroom Kingdom characters in different multiplayer modes or alone when the game swings onto Nintendo Switch on 25th June 2021. The new Tee off with family and friends in Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch) trailer reveals the colourful roster, a new mode, different courses and more game details.

Highlights include:

  • Various playstyles:
    • Simple controls: Simple button controls make it easy for new players and seasoned pros alike. It’s as simple as taking aim, choosing the shot strength and sending the ball flying. Additionally, it’s possible to use motion controls by holding a Joy-Con controller like a golf club*.
    • Useful tools: Curving a shot is an effective technique to avoid hazards and putting spin on the ball affects how it rolls after landing. Several features are on hand to help conquer the course, including a shot gauge that adapts to the angle of the slope and a scan that makes it easier to read the terrain.
  • Familiar faces and playing with family and friends: Players can choose from a cast of 16 Mushroom Kingdom characters, each featuring different strengths and equipped with their own unique special moves. Pauline, Chargin’ Chuck, and King Bob-omb will make their first appearance in the series. Players can hit the fairway with up to three others, both locally and online**, in different modes. 
  • Various courses: From standard courses to courses with special hazards, every round of golf is different. There is a variety of six lavish locations to choose from.
  • Various modes:
    • Speed Golf: In the new fast-paced mode Speed Golf, players tee off in unison and race through the course to sink the ball first. It’s important to collect items to regain stamina and avoid the course’s various hazards while sprinting to the ball. Players can also use special dashes and shots to swing victory in their favour.
    • Battle Golf: In Battle Golf – a more frantic variation of Speed Golf – nine holes are in play at the same time. The first player to score three holes claims the victory, so it’s key to stay ahead of opponents or risk losing out.
    • Standard Golf: In Standard Golf, every stroke counts and the lowest score wins. 
    • Golf Adventure: Solo players can go from rookie to pro when enrolling their Mii character at a prestigious country club in Golf Adventure. While interacting with familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters they can learn how to play and take on a variety of challenges. Gaining experience makes it possible to level up the character, which can then be used in multiplayer modes.

Source: Nintendo UK

14 thoughts on “New trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush”

  1. Holy crap I really wasn’t trying to give this game a go because, the taste aces left in my mouth with content, but speed rush it’s definitely a game I will be buying theirs so much content here, and those mushroom Kingdom theme courses are pretty cool, my only hope is if they add more character, this base roster is still nice tho glad we still have surprising characters and that Pauline is a mainstay character now.

    1. Edit: I just notice theirs only 6 courses, that’s kinda of a downgrade compared to aces (aces had 7 courses to play) hoping we get confirmation of more stages and characters to come as dlc.

      1. 6 golf courses is 108 holes. Verses 7 tennis courts. Also, there’s the 109th giant battle arena. I kinda wish there was a course creator though, it would keep the gaming from going dry. At least they are starting out with a beefy roster.

  2. This is looking really good! And man those courses look really crisp and well made!
    Although there is 1 thing that’s bothering me; It says there’s 16 characters but the mii isn’t counted among those but seemingly is playable in story mode? I hope the Mii isn’t a story mode only character because I really would like to play as them in multiplayer but with the level ups turned off.

  3. With the leveled up character being available for vs. Mode. Does that mean the custom character can have way better stats than any of the standard Nintendo characters? Or will there be a cap somehow that limits you from maxing out every stat?

  4. I was SO happy when I saw that Pauline is a playable character. About flipping time. She’s my favorite female Nintendo character. I hope this game is super fun (and deep). It’s been far too long since Toadstool Tour. I also hope that a new Mario Baseball game is in the works. Been far too long for those games too.

    1. I do have one complaint (according to what I saw in the video). Why does Nintendo never bring back mini golf? The mini golf was SO addicting in the Nintendo 64 Mario Golf. I’ve always wanted to see that mode return. I guess it’s gone forever. Sometimes I truly don’t understand Nintendo. (- _ -)

  5. This actually looks really good and very engaging now. More so than Tennis Aces 3 years ago. I’m kind of hoping they go the Aces route and add more characters over time, though the base roster is already looking good.

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