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Mario Golf: Super Rush website now live and you can earn 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points

Mario Golf: Super Rush launches on Nintendo Switch on the 25th of June and Nintendo has recently opened the official website for the game. It offers fans who are curious about the latest installment in the Mario Golf franchise a closer look at the characters, levels and some tailers to view. Plus, My Nintendo members can easily earn themselves 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points. All you need to do is head over to the official website here, make sure you’re signed in to your My Nintendo account, and snoop around the pages to find the hidden golf holes.

They’re not too hard to find (there are only five of them!) but thanks to the folk over at Siliconera, they’ve listed exactly where to find them:

  • Characters and Courses page
    1) Right next to the Colorful Courses subheading.
    2) Just below the last course, Wildweather Woods.
  • How To Play page
    3) Just above the Dash and Special Dash explanations near the bottom of the page.
    4) Just below the Battle Golf mode description.
  • Purchase page
    5) Inbetween the character banner and Nintendo Switch systems.


2 thoughts on “Mario Golf: Super Rush website now live and you can earn 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points”

  1. People actually use the new My Nintendo rewards system? I haven’t even bothered with it even once. Club Nintendo was the only thing that was worth participating in.

  2. When i take all this say :
    It looks like something went wrong. Please refresh the webpage and try again.

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