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Daemon X Machina producer confirms Daemon X Machina 2 is in development

The Daemon X Machina second anniversary stream happened earlier today and during the event the game’s producer Mr. Tsukuda confirmed that he and the team are busy working on the sequel. However, Mr. Tsukuda did warn fans that while the development team are extremely motivated, it could take some time before the sequel is released. Daemon X Machina launched exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 and you can read our review of the action-packed game. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can currently play the game for free via Game Trials simply download the Game Trial from the eShop.

4 thoughts on “Daemon X Machina producer confirms Daemon X Machina 2 is in development”

  1. I played this game back in 2019 and remember that it was a great deal of fun especially if you’re into customization. You can literally modify every single nook and cranny of your mech. What stood away though was how clunky the controls felt. And the close combat left much to be desired.

  2. I loved the demo and really wanted the game when it came out but unfortunately I’ve put it off for so long I sorta moved onto other things.

    Do people even still play the coop mode?

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