Masahiro Sakurai’s Famitsu columns will come to an end after eighteen years

Smash Bros creator and all round nice guy Masahiro Sakurai has announced that his Weekly Famitsu columns will come to a close next month. Mr. Sakurai has been writing in-depth columns in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu since 2003, which was eighteen years ago. While he is retiring from Famitsu it isn’t clear whether he is retiring from the video games industry of which he has been a part of since 1989 when he started work at Hal Laboratory and created the beloved Kirby thirty-two years ago.


  1. Erm….”in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu since 2013, which is eighteen years ago” please correct this as its incorrect.

    HAL Laboratory not HALL.

  2. You guys messed up the fix. The issue wasn’t the 18 years. It was you accidentally put 2013 instead of 2003. Now both the year start and how long he’s been writing is wrong.

    1. I think they meant that he was writing for them for 7 years not that the magazine is 7 years, his column was 7 years.

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