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Pokemon UNITE producer chats about the game’s roster

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Pokemon UNITE initially took the Nintendo Switch and smartphone gaming by storm when it was released in late July. One question which everyone has who has played it is how was the roster decided on? Given the amount of Pokemon which exist, which is now over 1,000 creatures. Undoubtedly it took some time for the team to agree on which Pokemon would be best suited for the game’s tactical MOBA gameplay. Here’s what Pokemon UNITE producer Masaaki Hoshino told Japanese magazine Famitsu.

“We chose Pokemon based on how easily players could pick their battle style from looking at them. As a Pokemon fan myself, I wanted a variety of Pokemon to take part in the game. That includes eccentric picks like Crustle, as we wanted to explore all possibilities around which Pokemon could be in the game.”

 Pokemon Unite, producer Masaaki Hoshino

“We chose wild Pokemon based on how well they matched the atmosphere of a stage. As a quick aside: If you defeat Rotom, it sets off to destroy your opponent’s goal. This was based on information in the Pokedex that describes how Rotom can enter and disrupt electronic appliances.”

 Pokemon Unite, producer Masaaki Hoshino


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