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The Game Awards 2021’s new game reveals are “probably in the double digits”

the game awards

Next month, The Game Awards will be taking place. The Game Awards 2021 is also going to be return to having a live event in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. Last year, The Game Awards was a virtual event. However, the audience will be wearing masks, required to be vaccinated, and the live attendance will be cut in half.

That said, The Game Awards founder and host Geoff Keighley has given some new details, via an Epic Games blog post, about what this year’s event will have. According to Keighley, he expects that this year’s event will feature 40 to 50 games “someway or another”, and that new game reveals are “probably in the double digits”.


14 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2021’s new game reveals are “probably in the double digits””

    1. I’m assuming one of them is basically a Nintendo title. Last year was really a huge disappointment and a total bust. I know Smash Bros will win this year’s game award due to Sora’s inclusion.

  1. I’ve never seen the new incarnation of this show, post Spike tv’s involvement. I only ever saw two of the Spike shows, the first and the last. In the first, the opened the show with game of the year, a bold choice. It went to Madden. In the last one, Reggie came on himself to show a new game, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. After the announcement, the hosts mocked Reggie for not having a better game to show.

    If I were Nintendo I wouldn’t touch this show with a 9 foot pole.

  2. Shouldn’t they cancel this thing since Smash DLC is over?

    Seriously though, the only good thing I could imagine is Metroid Prime 4 first look but… Then I get flashbacks of Geoff asking Reggie if he is “cranky” while Reggie’s standing there wearing a screw attack pin on his jacket.

    1. I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it. You know, the reason mask mandates came back, is that they found that even though your symptoms going away, meaning you are no longer at significant risk, you still carry the same viral load as unvaccinated people. So the reason to wear the masks, is to protect the people who aren’t vaccinated, who will show dangerous symptoms.


      If only vaccinated people are in attendance, there’s no reason to use the mask. None at all. Unless of course your primary interest has nothing to do with health….

      1. I just find the whole vaccine mandate to be pointless considering the thing doesn’t stop you from catching the virus. If ya in bad health, definitely get the thing so it can save your ass in case you catch it.

  3. No one wants to mention that they could reveal Chrono Cross Remaster/Remake? Other then that, yeah i could give 2 shits about xbox gamepass crap and sony games.

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