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Shigeru Omori wants to create Pokemon games that gamers desire

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Game Freak has published a new article on its recruitment website where it entices people to work with the company and get themselves involved in the future of the Pokemon series. One of those involved in the feature is Shigeru Omori, who is the director behind the incredibly popular Pokemon Sword and Shield. He mentioned in the article that his main goal and those of the development team is to utilise new technologies to help create Pokemon games which “gamers desire, and give the feeling that Pokemon exists and lives with us.” The next entry in the Pokemon franchise is Pokemon Legends: Arceus which is out on 28th January. Here’s what was said:

“Even after 20 years, the Pokemon franchise is still going strong. Omori says that even if he thinks that the game is perfect, there are always new ideas after the project is over. He added that Pokemon will continue to change with new technology, new development teams and with new ways of playing games. Omori wants to create Pokemon games that gamers desire, and give the feeling that Pokemon exists and lives with us.”

“It might be surprising to hear that every Pokemon title is made in an entirely different way. Team members try not to rely on experience, and enjoy tackling the new challenge given to them. Iwao emphasised that no matter the work, if you do it long enough it will eventually become tedious. With Game Freak however, there are always new opportunities and positions, and being able to join in gear projects means it never gets repetitive and never gets boring. With the vast amount of experience spanning over 20 years, a unique system that allows youths to experience failure and success and a company continuing to change generations, Pokemon will continue to evolve.”

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33 thoughts on “Shigeru Omori wants to create Pokemon games that gamers desire”

  1. Pokemon games will continue to evolved in different type of ways. GameFreak could desire something new for us Pokemon fans in the future because of the technology that is evolving around us lately.

    SEGA did try to do the same for Sonic Forces by rebalancing the franchise but they failed to do so but now with Sonic Frontiers, these changes will evolved in a new direction by get the franchise to move forward.

      1. It would be smarter than continuing to butcher the series with all the extra additional crap that they force into the game to make it feel “new” from the rehashing of old Pokémon into new ones, this series has run into a wall of creativity imo.

  2. Gen 9 with national dex returning!!!! and anime characters like Liza (keep the original one), Charla (with a pink bow on her head), she will return in the future. Unova, Kalos and Alola remakes.


      I love how people always forget Johto. I want those remakes, but not done like BDS0. I want something new.

      1. We Need Something Else

        Um… Heart Gold / Soul Silver?… Nobody forgot. They’re arguably still the best remakes that exist.

      2. +EUGENE Omar QUINONES
        We already got gen 2 remakes in the form of Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.
        And to this day it’s widely accepted that those are the best Pokemon remakes ever, something even I agree with.

  3. lmao, if Omori honestly thinks “the game is perfect” then he’s feining ignorance soo hard. They’re obsessed with making new concepts and abandoning the old, which is what’s been killing the series.

    The franchise needs a reboot soooo badly. Go back to Gen 2, since Kanto & Johto are connected, and revise everything. Instead of trying so hard to make new pokemon, improve on what we already have.

    If you want pokemon to be more realistic then implement seasonal forms, regional forms, and forms based on the climate/ecosystem for every pokemon, not just certain grass types. Each pokemon should vary in appearance and characteristics based on the environment they’re are found in, not just the same everywhere regardless of where you catch them.

    Make actual fusions, so when we breed pokemon we get something new and realistic (Example: Breed Charizard and Dragonite, resulting egg is either a charmander, dratini, or dragon-fire type mix). If we breed dual-type pokemon like Lanturn (Water/Electric) with a Ludicolo (Water/Grass) then the resulting egg can be a water, grass, water/grass, water/electric, or electric/grass type. This adds diversity and variety to the game, creates a very deep and extensive breeding system, and would greatly extend the post game. This would triple or quadruple the amount of pokemon in Gen 2 (201) to 500+ without having to design new pokemon for the next generation. This also means each generation’s lifespan would last longer and they no longer need to release a new mainline game every 2 years.

    Fix the gym leader concept, cus it needs serious work. Realistically, the gyms shouldn’t go in order from starting pokemon levels to 3rd stage evolutions. Every gym leader should already have fully evolved and high level pokemon. The purpose of the gym should be to test the player’s wits and battle tactics by having a specific themed type and strategy exclusive to that gym, not just a means to get a badge and level up your pokemon for the next gym.

    Fix the story, because lore-wise children shouldn’t be in possession of the only copy of god & diety pokemon in existence. Like how the Johto show revealed that Lugia, despite being a legendary, is not the only one in existence and has offspring. The idea of Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno/Lugia & Raikou/Suicune/Entei/Ho-Oh are solid as legendaries because they’re not super-powered omnipotent dieties. Groudon/Kyogre/Palkia/Dialga/Giratina/Arceus/etc all need rework done.

    I’m going on too long with this lol. For someone who’s no longer a fan of pokemon, I’m way too passionate about this XD.

    1. They abandoned old ideas cuz people hated them then when it’s gone all of a sudden people liked what they initially hated. Mega Evolutions are gone (for now) and people want them back but when it was first introduced they all hated it with a burning passion. Same thing happened with Z-Moves, loved it after it’s gone, hated it when it first came about. Can’t tell me this wasn’t the case.

      1. It made sense why megas where hated. Already-popular and competitively-viable pokemon get an unfair advantage over others, so all the weak pokemon that didn’t recieve megas where at a disadvantage. With Z moves, at least for me, it makes the game unbalanced. Every pokemon shouldn’t have access to this all powerful move that can decide a battle, the battles should be slow-moderate speed, calculative, and strategic, while still maintaining a fun and fair aspect. Z-moves, Megas, Primal Revision, Gigantimax, etc all ruin the game and make it “easier to win” in my opinion, so I still hate them just as much as when they first came out.

        If they’re gonna give megas to all the weak pokemon first and not just the popular and meta’s than yeah bring it back. Otherwise leave it behind and stop making purposely weak/unpopular pokemon that no one wants to use competitively. But that’s only part of the reason for why they abandon the old. They only focus on appealing to newer generations with new ideas, just like Sonic, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, etc. They don’t capitalize on what they’ve already established and drive the series into the ground by constantly trying to reinvent or one-up it.

      2. Nobody wants Z-Moves Nobody wants Mega Evolutions. The majority of fans want a more difficult game and A different battle system. Where are you getting you information from? A hand full of youtube comments? Nobody cares about that sh**

    2. YES. We seriously need more seasonal forms all every pokemon. A pokemon caught in a forest vs the same pokemon caught near a snowy mountain should have obvious changes, like if it was a Pidgeot than it would stay Normal/Flying in the forest, but Ice/Flying in or near the mountain. Or a Venasuaur that has different leaves and the giant flower on it’s back changes depending on the season or where it was caught. I’ve been wanting that for years, I guess they’ll never do it.

  4. I have no issues with the game as it is designed. I do have an issue keeping my attention on the game versus just playing something else though strictly because I enjoy stories in games via VOICE ACTING. I enjoy watching movies and hearing dialogue versus reading it and when you have to read every single person it just makes me want to put it down and play something else. This isnt just a Game Freak issue its a Nintendo issue as they make such great games but could have been the best games that would rival any Playstation or Xbox game simply by adding VOICE ACTING to there NPCs.

    Ive been playing games for the past 30+ years and I also see what my 2 sons and my wife do when they play games and this is something we all enjoy when playing as it makes us all involved more in the story when we play games. Final Fantasy, God of War, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, etc…

    1. Not even close if you ask me. Those two have the least amount of effort put into them out of all the mainline Pokemon games. Subpar graphics (my fave being trees that look like they were ripped from an N64 game), didn’t bother to animate characters very much outside of waling, running, and talking animations, mostly generic and uninspired Pokemon designs for Gen 8, practically no postgame, cutting more than half the Dex on the basis of a lie… I could continue, but that would take all day.

      1. Good thing I never bought it out of curiosity then.

        I do wonder what Pokemon game will be the “final straw” for the majority of fans…

        I’d say if Arceus flops and the sequel to Sword and Shield flop then maybe? People will be turned off by Pokemon’s first attempt at an 3d open world and then probably won’t have any benefit-of-the-doubt left if Sword and Shield sequel ends up being the same quality as Sword and Shield.

        Of course… I guess listening to the director here… the series is better than ever. The company will probably agree as long as sales continue to back up that claim.

        1. Pfft. Just a bunch of bullshit PR lip service. I’ll believe it when I see it. Already skipped Sw/Sh & New Pokemon Snap because they aren’t evolving as much as they think they are. Not sure even Arceus can bring me back at this point.

  5. Stop giving us version exclusive gym leaders. I need Greninja in gen 9. We want to choose the gender of our rivals because Hop is a loser.

  6. YouTubers did fan-made Pokemon games that were great! Hire those (wo)men!

    Seriously, Pokemon Team Rocket version is a good idea to make future games that actually allow you to choose a team to join if wanted. Then the Kaskadian based fan game shows how using weather is a fun mechanic. Then there’s the How to make a Pokemon game that displayed how online play could work, choosing your hometown and tying in the 3 teams from Pokemon Go, having the player choose their own path to the Pokemon league by picking their own order of gym leaders, plus leaving room to return visit them with more challenging battles, and maybe even become one yourself if that’s what you like. I know it’d be a tall task, but if there was a global Pokemon Online, it could allow the player to choose their role in the Pokemon universe, like being a breeder, or researcher, or ace trainer. It’s a kids game, you want it simple, sure, but kids today can play more complicated games. It’s doable.

  7. Ohmori is in denial if he thinks Pokemon has gotten better. The last games (Arguably) that had any sort of effort poured into them was Pokemon X and Y and since then they’ve just done the bare minimum while ignoring what the fans have been asking for.
    You want to make a game the fans desire, Ohmori? You can start by not cutting stuff that fans loved like Megas and the actual Pokemon themselves. It’s the highest grossing franchise on the planet and yet your latest games look inferior to games that don’t even make half the money Pokemon does.

  8. Maybe put some actual effort into the games instead of shoving half-baked products with unnecessary gimmicks out the door. Seriously, Gigantimax/Dynamax is the stupidest, most superficial battle gimmick yet, I hate it and never want to see it return.

  9. They need to make an open world pokemon game. Connect all the regions, let us choose which one to start in but then leave it up to the player which order they challenge the gyms with a system that will base difficulty off of your level. Obviously some areas wouldn’t be accessible until you learn certain moves, and the same goes for traveling to the other regions. Keep the Pokemon in the appropriate region, so if I want a Kanto Pokemon I have to go there. The trainers need more variation too, not one trainer with 3 of the same Pokemon, unless it’s fitting for the character, like a maniac or Pokéfan. You could still control that you don’t get access to the ship, train, etc until you complete a region. You could also have a different villainous team in each, maybe have them work together at times as you travel between regions and they realize they have a common enemy.

  10. I’ve been enjoying Super Mystery Dungeon lately and I’ll gladly have more of that.

    The main series needs to go back to it’s roots which is adventuring and making friends with Pokémon without all these story driven guided tours the franchise has devolved into.

  11. My biggest complaint with the recent gens is that everything is JUST. SO. SLOW. Too many unskippable pseudo-cutscenes that prevent dialog from progressing. Too many unskippable tutorials. Getting in and out of battle takes way too long. The menu (in and out of battle) is way too slow/unresponsive.

    And for crying out loud, get rid of auto-advancing dialog. That should never be a thing in games today. For example, when a status effect happens in battle and the text pops up for a split second before disappearing, I’m left wondering “wait, what happened?”

    1. Auto advancing dialogue is also not helpful for people learning to read and can’t keep up. At least modern consoles have a screenshot button, but being able to advance at your own pace is much better.

  12. I would love a core Pokémon game with graphics like NewPokémonSnap or evenbetter graphics, that would be amazing. I wish they could get those that made New Pokémon Snap and that is Bandai Namco Studios to work on a new core Pokémon game or join GameFreak on a new core Pokémon game, after the Gen 8 Pokémon Legends: Arceus game I wonder if the Gen 9 core Pokémon game will be the Lental region

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