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The Cuphead Show is getting 36 episodes on Netflix spread over 3 seasons

The first trailer for the upcoming Cuphead animated show on Netflix was revealed a few weeks ago and it’s looking stellar. In a new interview with Animation Magazine the brothers behind Cuphead and The Cuphead Show, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, revealed that the show will feature 36 episodes which will be spread between three seasons on the online streaming platform. The Cuphead show will be streamed exclusively on Netflix and it kicks off on 18th February. You can read the full interview here.

“We were originally using the old theatrical shorts as a model for structure,” says Wasson, “but we found it was hard to stay within a seven-minute format. These stories wanted to be a little longer, so it caps off at something like 10 1/2 or 11 minutes, though each episode is a little different in running time.” Some of the initial 36 episodes, which will premiere over three separate drops, are presented as two- and even three-parters.


3 thoughts on “The Cuphead Show is getting 36 episodes on Netflix spread over 3 seasons”

  1. I know this post is about the cartoon, but I’m starting to wonder if that so-called physical release of Cuphead on Switch has been cancelled or something? I feel like it’s been FOREVER since they announced a physical copy was coming. Has all DLC released for it yet?

      1. Wow! So it still sounds like it’s going to be quite a while before the physical release comes out then. As long as it hasn’t been cancelled, I’m okay with that.

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