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Rockstar Games says Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will get new patches next week

grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition

To say that Rockstar Games highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was a mess is an understatement and the collection certainly needed a lot more time in the oven. While it has received several patches, which have slightly improved the experience, Rockstar Games, have said today on Twitter that they will be deploying new patches next week across all platforms. Hopefully this will sort out the majority of issues that many of you will have encountered. We will let you all know when the update goes live on the Nintendo Switch along with the full patch notes once they are published.

3 thoughts on “Rockstar Games says Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will get new patches next week”

  1. I’d write a reply but some random fanboy might come along and analyze my post and correct every detail including grammar. Because it’s not a reply unless it’s 100% accurate and spell checked. Have a nice day:)

  2. I’ve played the trilogy, San Andreas anyhow. From my personal experience it’s not as bad as it’s made out. In fact i haven’t experienced any game breaking bugs, glitches or exploits worth noting. I’ve only played San Andreas so far, can’t say for GTA 3 or Vice City.
    I’ve also played the San Andreas classic port, im satisfied just knowing that you don’t feel like your operating a tank even when walking. Having faster load times, improved controlls, improved draw distance, auto saves etc Not sure what the fuss is about.
    How is it a mess or an understatement, it’s safe to assume the Trilogy was highly anticipated. As for it being a mess, im not even sure what bugs or glitches ppl are talking about.
    It could always be worse, i mean it’s not Cyberpunk.

    Hopefully no one reads this post and analyze every detail, i clearly said “from my experience” i can’t speak for others. Hopefully no one points out and corrects this post or implies im ignorant, i mean it’s based of my personal experience. Have a nice day.

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