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The president of Nintendo studio Next Level Games is retiring

Mario strikers switch art

Douglas Tronsgard, who is the president of Next Level Games, the Nintendo studio behind Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the beloved Mario Strikers games, has announced that he will be retiring from the company. Next Level Games is currently hard at work developing Mario Strikers Battle League for the Nintendo Switch family of systems and it is set to be released worldwide on 10th June. Next Level Games was originally founded in 2002 and was acquired by Nintendo in January 2021.


Thanks to Greatsong1 for the news tip!

9 thoughts on “The president of Nintendo studio Next Level Games is retiring”

  1. I can’t believe you guys never posted the news about Snow Bros. Special, coming this year to Switch. Even after I messaged you about it around 2 weeks ago. Which for me was the most exciting Nintendo news I’ve heard in a LONG time.

    1. wait…you are not complaing about the lack of interest on punch out sequel, are you feeling well?

  2. After the “arguing” about Luigi’s Mansion 3, I bet Nintendo wants a Japanese boss there to see it is done the way THEY want. I bet this is the whole reason for the purchase to replace the president there. Just speculation ofc.

    1. I don’t see how that would work unless if they try to move their headquarters to Japan. If they try to appoint a Japanese president they will eventually become accustomed to the Canadian culture.

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