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F-Zero X is coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on March 11th

It is not often that Nintendo releases a new game in the F-Zero franchise. In fact, even just a mention of the franchise as a whole is a rare sight from the company. Once in a blue moon, however, Nintendo does remember that F-Zero exists and gives the series a little attention.Tonight has been no exception.

Nintendo has announced that F-Zero X is coming to Nintendo Switch for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members on March 11th. Nintendo of America tweeted the news on their official Twitter account, so you can see their tweet down below.

21 thoughts on “F-Zero X is coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on March 11th”

  1. LET’S F (-ZERO) ‘N GO.

    It’s not a new game, but it’s acknowledgement of the series. Maybe if enough people play enough hours, those bighead execs over there will finally see that another F-Zero installment would be justified?

    1. Mario Kart is your problem. Why would they spend a bunch of money making a racing game that might or might not be successful when Mario Kart 8 is STILL selling well nearly a decade later?

      1. Umm, because they don’t play the same? It’s like Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country- both are side-scrolling platformers but they offer different mechanics and gameplay, and one is far more challenging than the other. Same with Mario Kart VS F-Zero.

      2. Who says they need to limit themselves to one game per genre on a system? Nintendo had 1080 snowboarding, Giddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart, F-Zero, etc. on the N64 alone, and all of those played very differently. It would be like saying Namco shouldn’t be making Souls games because they already have that genre covered with their other titles even if they differ majorily through the gameplay.

  2. Kirby might have good sales. Kirby is a 3d platformer, they already have a 3d platformer in Mario. Same genre different speeds. I feel Mario Kart 10 isn’t coming before new tracks are done, let’s go F-Zero!

  3. Imma be honest I’m happy for fzero fans, but I was really hoping for Kirby 64 cause forgotten land is coming out and it would make a great tie in, I really feel like they should do more than 1 game a month.

    1. I feel like they could easily add a third party title each month with the amount of money they’re making from titles and add two first party titles while they’re at it. They could go with that pace and not run out of games for a while if they keep adding systems. When they get to stuff like the Gamecube games they could make a compromise by giving you the option to download each title individually for free with a subscription, or pay for it if you want to keep it without one… and maybe do the same for anything on the online apps. By the end of it they would have a very decent service that would make anyone tempted.

      1. Mmm You know, I agree with you on that. If they ever get a chance to add a decent service on Nintendo Switch or there next platform, then maybe there is still a small chance for them to add GA advance titles or GameCube titles for short.

        1. The only way for us to get a decent service is if they don’t reset the catalog for the upteenth time on the Switch’s successor. If the online apps are here to stay for the long haul then we may actually get somewhere for a change.

            1. If they really wanted to they could. The bulk of these games are first party, and they could make their next hardware support it just by making the new controllers compatible with the apps.

  4. Just looked at Chocobo GP, Nickelodeon kart racers 2, and Disney speedstorm to name a few. They are basically exact rip-offs of Mario Kart but yet Nintendo doesn’t stop them from being on the platform. If Nintendo was so worried about losing sales of Mario kart they wouldn’t allow these exact ripoffs to be on the console. How about Nintendo All-Star brawl which again is exact rip off of smash Brothers.

    What I see here is that they don’t feel that f zerio is popular enough to spend the time and resources on it. That they feel making Kirby, Splatoon, Mario, Mario kart DLC, Zelda and a few other franchises makes them more money than f-zero will. I beg to differ like a lot of us do but I think that’s more the reason.

  5. Meanwhile I still have F-Zero X on my Wii U, Wii, and the rom with the track editor expansion kit. Service is still absolute garbage, but at the very least they could’ve brought back the Track Editor for everyone to use without needing the expansion kit disc. Lol, no way I’m paying for the expansion pass when it’s missing content and I can’t even own the game myself.

  6. Glad to see this becoming available to more people. Easily the best F-Zero game, and it has the best music. Still not enough to get me to sign up for the service though. I’ll just keep playing it on my N64.

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