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Japan: Sakurai wins Most Valuable Creator Award at this year’s Famitsu Game Awards 2021

The latest winners have been announced for the annual Famitsu Game Awards 2021. Super Smash Bros creator and all round good guy Masahiro Sakurai walked away with the award for Most Valuable Game Creator. Capcom’s Nintendo Switch console exclusive Monster Hunter Rise won two awards for Best Action Game and also won the coveted Game of the Year 2021 award. Here’s the winners from this weekend’s event.

  • Game of the Year: Monster Hunter Rise
  • Most Valuable Creator: Masahiro Sakurai
  • Best Script: Lost Judgment
  • Best Graphics: Tale of Arise
  • Best Music: Uma Musume
  • Best Actor: Takuya Kimura – Lost Judgment
  • Best Online Game: Final Fantasy 14
  • Voice Actor: Hitomi Ueda – Gold Ship
  • Best Character: Gold Ship – Uma Musume
  • Action: Monster Hunter Rise
  • Action Adventure: Metroid Dread
  • Adventure: Buddy Mission BOND
  • RPG: Tales of Arise
  • Indie: HADES
  • Rookie: Uma Musume
  • Esports: Apex Legends
  • Famitsu Dengeki Special Award: Inscryption
  • Dungeon Encounters: FANTASIAN


Thanks to Greatsong1 for the news tip!

12 thoughts on “Japan: Sakurai wins Most Valuable Creator Award at this year’s Famitsu Game Awards 2021”

  1. I’m glad for Sakurai, MH Rise, Metroid Dread, Hades and Buddy Mission BOND, especially the last one. Dunno how the overall reception of BMB was but seems it did good enough to get this kind of recognition.

    Not holding my breath for a localized version because I don’t want to be letdown if it never happens but you never know. It would sure be nice to get my hands on BMB as I love spending time on a nice adventure game.

  2. Hardest working developer I know. I wish he produced the games I loved then I would never have to ask for sequels. Had he produced Pikmin, or Donkey Kong or Metroid it would been the 9th sequels by now. Unlike lying myimoto

      1. If a developer says a game is nearly comple in 2015 and it is 2022 what does that tell you? How is something nearly complete take over 6 years and I’m still waiting for?

        1. Because Game Production and Development can easily change? Also, that was the era of the Wii U and we all know how well that went. If Pikmin 4 relied heavily on the Wii U gamepad then it would either need reworking or cancelled entirely.
          It’s also possible that the game really was “Almost Done” but decided to move it over to the Switch which opened the door for more possibilities hence extended development.
          Just wait, if it’s in development it’ll come out eventually.

          1. That’s B.S.

            Pikmin 3 was on Wii platform and lying Miyomoto put that on Wii U platform less than immediately compared to Pikmin 4 almost complete amd sti waiting. Also Splatoon 2 didn’t have that issue and it also was on Project Cafe Platform nor Breath of the Wild. And lastly Yoshi Sequel didn’t have that issue.
            Splatoon 2 didn’t have that issue and it also began work on Project Cafe platform as well.

            And lastly if a developer really wanted to work on sequels immediately they can. Here is a list of games that were sequels worked on immediately:
            Breath of the Wild 2
            Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope
            Pokemon Arceous and Violet
            Monster Hunter
            Metroid Dread and Metroid Prime 4 worked on at the same time
            Yoshi Wooly World 2(yet that 2D game was worked on immediately but not Donkey Kong 2D)
            Mario Tennis
            MARIO party
            Mario Golf(yet it took 15 years for us to finally get Strikers)
            Let’s Dance(yet still waiting for Rayman Legends 2)
            Banjo Tooie
            DK 64 was worked on at the same time Banjo Tooie was getting last minute touched.

            And when March 25th comes who wants to bet Kirby won’t get a sequel until 2040?

          2. And what more possibilities could going from Wii U to Switch when Switch is barely more powerful than Wii U. In fact the Switch is closer to power to Wii U than base PS4. So what would be the reason of Pikmin 4 nearly 7 years? Now if we talking from Wii U to PS5 in power then I can understand that.

            1. +Gruntilda
              When I mentioned the Nintendo Wii U I wasn’t specifically talking about the power, I was more so referring to the gimmick.
              The Nintendo Wii U’s entire gimmick was focused onto the Gamepad while the Nintendo Switch is more focused onto the multiple modes. Just to clarify; I am NOT saying Pikmin 4 can’t be ported to Nintendo Switch, what I am saying is if Pikmin 4 had a strong emphasis on the Gamepad, similar to StarFox Zero, there would need to be a lot of changes made as the Nintendo Switch obviously doesn’t have nowhere near as much emphasis on the Gamepad as the Nintendo Wii U did.
              As for the list you rattled off; Again you’re generalizing game development way too much, stuff can always happen or change that causes the development to be altered.
              Another thing you don’t seem to get is Pikmin, for all intensive purposes, isn’t a major Nintendo IP when compared to the likes of Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, and so on so it’s likely Nintendo only puts so much into Pikmin’s development.
              Like I said; Be patient, if they are developing it, it will release eventually.

          3. Or Miyamoto was talking about Hey! Pikmin which came out not long after “Pikmin 4 is almost complete” was stated.

            Anyway, give up. You’d have better luck arguing with a wall. Grunty’s gone senile.

  3. I’ve been playing the Tales of games since the SNES, and not once did I ever think or would imagine that any Tales of games would win any graphics awards. Like… Ever. I love these games but they’ve never been graphic showcase’s. As a fan you just got used to the fact that these games are played for the mechanics first, Story second, and graphics third. This is just wild!

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